YESSSSS! I Booked A National!

I just got the call about an hour ago…
“You want a job?” my agent said.
Now usually, when I get released from first refusal,
I just get an email-  “You’re released” from my agent’s assistant.Sometimes the office calls to check my availability,

so when I picked up the phone, I didn’t think much.But it was my Agent.

And she likes to call with good news.

But it’s been OVER A YEAR since I booked anything,

and even though I knew I am on hold for two things right now,
I was trying to keep my cool.The truth is that I like my life right now- I get to be with my wife

and son all the time, at the playground, the zoo, whatever.But not booking anything for over a year was weighing HEAVILY

on me.– Have I gotten too old? Have I aged out?
– I know I look tired these days, my eyes have these bags
– I’m less fit as I used to be (eating ice cream like er’y night!)

– My hairline is retreating like a Trump supporter,
– this bald spot on the top of my head is shiny as a mutha fucka!So when I heard her say “You want a job?” with a smile in her voice,

I was hopeful, but I didn’t want to get too excited.“Um… sure, whatcha got for me?”

“You booked it!”

I said “[company name]?”

She said “YES! NATIONAL, maybe a print component, cable, etc”

It was only then that I allowed myself to be happy.

(Do you know what I mean?)

It was only then that I allowed my face to indicate to my wife that it was good news.

Before that moment, I didn’t want to disappoint her AGAIN.

I had stopped telling her when I thought I did a good job at the callback.

And even though I know it’s a numbers game,
And even though I know that I have a great callback ratio

and even though I know that I may have been wonderful at EVERY audition,
that sometimes it has nothing to do with me (especially in commercials)…
I started doubting.Big time.

But guess what?And I want you to remember this forever- FOR THE REST OF YOUR CAREER…

It just so happens that THIS TIME…

They wanted a guy who was a little older.
They wanted a guy who looks a little tired
They wanted a guy who was a little less fit
They wanted a guy whose hairline was receding and had a shiny bald spot.

(Ok, ok- I’m just guessing about the bald spot)The truth is that in our business, they need ALL TYPES and always will.

They might use more types more often, but if you keep

doing the numbers, you have to win.You HAVE to win if you keep playing the numbers.

The catch?

You have to play the RIGHT numbers.

I have been playing the commercial numbers for years.
and I have booked dozens of commercials, and made hundreds of thousands

of dollars acting in commercials.
Seriously- over $400,000.I have been playing the numbers with making money online,

and as a result, I haven’t had a day job in over 15 years, which
allowed me to play the commercial numbers!This ONE spot could be anywhere from $500 to $100,000

(or more), and it will be a ONE DAY shoot.Playing the right numbers can pay off big.

HOWEVER- If I want a better TV career, (and I keep “saying” I want one)
then I have to start playing the TV numbers.

I have to start playing the TV AUDITION numbers, which right now

I play at almost zero.You can’t win if you’re not playing the numbers.

So- two things:

1- If you stick in there and play the numbers, you can win.

2- It’s easier to play the numbers without a day job,

So CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT NOW and quit your day job.If you want to have your time free to do what you want, this is the way

I have done it. It doesn’t mean you’ll do it too, but I know what happens
if you don’t even try.I hope you decide to GET IN THE GAME!

– Bones

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