#Xmas Jammies Fantastic Viral Video from Real-Life INCREDIBLES Family

#Xmas Jammies “Real-Life INCREDIBLES” Family Viral Video 

This Holiday Viral Video About #Xmas Jammies is amazing, and although it’s not REALLY from THE INCREDIBLES, this family makes me wanna be Jack-Jack:

I am going to give you a 1:30 video saying WHY this is so great, but maaybe you should watch it first, and afterwards, see my comment on WHY it is perfect for Entreperformers:

Seriously, How FUN was that?

It also uses points from The YouTube Money Machine book that I wrote a while ago:

  1. Cute kids
  2. Hot Mom
  3. Charismatic Dad
  4. Good song choice and lyrics
  5. Fun visuals of recognizable things

So, if THEY can do it- Without ACTUALLY being superheroes, so can You!!


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