Who is BENJAMAN KYLE? “Finding Benjaman”

Benjaman Kyle isn’t a real person.. or is he?

Imagine waking up in the hospital, having amnesia and not knowing who you are, and then still not knowing YEARS LATER.

That’s what Benjaman Kyle is going through.

In fact, his “name” (Benjaman Kyle)  is really just because he was found behind a Burger King, and someone chose the name instead of John Doe.

So, some people thought this would make a great documentary, and just this clip of it is really fascinating, and it really shows how crazy our world is:

BENJAMAN KYLE: “Finding Benjaman”

What will I do about Benjaman Kyle?

I watched this, and decided that I would pass it along, and hope that someone might know who he really is, or at least help to have Benjaman Kyle become a citizen again. It makes me mad that our system is so ridiculous. It makes the conspiracy people look right!

Why is it ok that we have a guy living on the streets through no fault of his own? This is not someone who doesn’t want to work. He could probably have his own business if he would be allowed to have a social security number.

Can you help by SINGING THIS PETITION and then pass this along?

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