What you MISSED from The Victoria’s Secret Special…

Wait- I missed the Victoria’s Secret Special?


I missed it?


I got a text from my cousin saying
that his wife was “SURE those boobs were fake”

and I was like “Wha….? Who…?”

And he said “You’re NOT watching the

I jumped from my seat, and turned on the TV:

Just in time to see this:

The Victoria's Secret Special that I missed!

This beauty from Victoria’s Secret was just leaving the screen when I turned on the TV

She was just leaving the stage, and I didn’t even know The Victoria’s Secret Special was on!

I was on a Webinar learning how to make money online, and it was so good, I totally lost track of time! The Victoria’s Secret Special was the last thing on my mind because I was learning how to make money to BUY all of the stuff!

So, my wife was like “Ohhhh, you missed it? Maybe it’ll be on Demand.”

I obviously am The Luckiest Guy to have found my wife.

So, instead, I just went to the Internet and found this:

CBS Airs Victoria's Secret Special, but I missed it!

Click on the above image and watch the same webinar that grabbed my attention!

Problem Solved :-)

Now, I’ll say this- These are some skinny women.

I mean, I’m all into fitness, and my wife does trapeze and is strong and thin, but the women in Victoria’s Secret are skinny.

I’m all for women in underwear, and these are absolutely gorgeous, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a woman with some good curves. Maybe there needs to be a SPECIAL Victoria’s Secret Special for women with hips!

Does anyone agree with me?

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