What is the inspiration for Entreperformers?

Like everything in life, there have been many things that have come together  to create the Entreperformers that I envision right now.

1- My life- Currently, I haven’t had a day job in 10 years, buut I want more. I want to be ABUNDANT in my life, in a way that feels more secure than I think it is. However, knowign that I’ve felt it for 10 years, I also know that people also want to learn how to be in that situation. I also know hat I should be the source for what I want to have. Therefore, if I want to feel like a big deal of a guy, I should make other people feel like a big deal. If I want to be more motivated and inspired to do the things I know I should do, that I should BE THE SOURCE to help other people.

Empower Network- is a network of bloggers that offers training for people who want to earn an income blogging, and have an affiliate program for their own network. It’s brilliant. And if I want to make it work for me, I have to BE THE SOURCE and help other people do it.

If I want to be more entertaining, and get my work out there more often, then I need to BE THE SOURCE and create the people around me.

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