What I Saw At The Mall Made Me Spin Around, Then Charge Ahead!

This is a super quick post, but I HAD to show you what I saw at the Mall

Credit card debt, consumer debt
Consumer credit card debt is like a Charging Rhino!

No, it wasn’t a rhino, but it’s something that makes you CHARGE like a rhino!

It was a sudden BURST of inspiration, and I HAD to shoot this video:

Get It? Charge like a rhino?

Apparently, consumer debt is a huge problem, and it’s because people use their debt for buying DOODADS and LIABILITIES, which are things that take money away from you.

But some of us (and I learned this from Robert Kiyosaki), spend our money and get our debt by acquiring ASSETS- things that PAY you. Huh? Well, for instance this blog makes me money.

I paid for it with a credit card. I used someone else’s money to get it. It costs me $25 a month, but because it’s an ASSET, it MAKES me money- How Much? Well, it depends on how you look at it, but the answer is-


Get it?

So just remember that Consumer credit card debt is like a loaded gun- sometimes useful, but more often dangerous!

If you’re going to go into debt, better to do it by buying an asset… like THIS BLOG.

Click here to get more information, and get a money-generating blog.

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