What Do Rob Ford, Sarah Palin, and YOU Have in common?

What Do Rob Ford, Sarah Palin, and YOU Have in common?

What Is Your Actor Brand?

Remember when Tina Fey got to be Sarah Pailn?

A big mistake many actors make is that since they’re actors, they think they can play ANYTHING, and they may be right, but it doesn’t matter-

You’ll only get booked for what OTHER PEOPLE think you can play.

Just like you would use soft scrub instead of toothpaste to clean your bathtub (even though it would work!), the people who are going to hire you will mostly hire you to do something they’ve seen you play already.

Case in point: ROB FORD.

Now that he is branded as “The Crack-Smoking Mayor” who is clumsy, fat, and drunk all the time, guess who the internet clamored to play him:


Who died in 1997- 16 years ago.

But being a fat, clumsy, drunk slob was Chris Farley’s Brand:

Rob Ford the Movie – YouTube
Someone made a fake trailer for “Rob Ford The Movie” starring Chris Farley because of their brands.

Yes, the video is kinda hilarious, and of course, it fits. But I’m pretty sure that there are other actors, ALIVE ACTORS who could also play Rob Ford. Bobby Moynihan did a good job on SNL, but of course, that was to be expected too.

And that’s the point.

You had better control your brand- and HAVE ONE TO BEGIN WITH- or you might not get the work that is exactly for you when it appears.

Being an Entreperformer, you should realize that entrepreneur have a brand for their product or service, and so your service should have one too.

So, maybe you should find a politician who you look like, and see what kind of scandal they can get caught up in!
Or, you could JOIN US, and create your own brand and develop your own stuff!

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