Turning “Labor Day” Into a 7-Day Weekend!

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”
-Said someone who doesn’t celebrate a 3-day weekend.
A lot of my crowd is using this weekend to write, shoot, perform, rehearse or practice their art. 

Trying to GET RID of their “labor” of a day job.I call them “Entreperformers”- Entrepreneurs and Performers.

It’s that DESIRE to do the “work” so much, that you feel like it’s PLAY, and you probably work harder than you would if someone were paying you to do it.
Most people feel that way about SOMETHING.
You probably spend your “Holidays” and your “Days Off” doing it.
Or talking about it.

Or sharing on social media about itOr Blogging about it.

But you likely do NOT get paid for it.
So I’m inviting you to my:
See, for a while I’ve been telling actors and other performers that we can actually MONETIZE our art ourselves.
Without Waiting tables, waiting for perfection, or waiting to be discovered.
My tagline is “There are two kinds of actors- those who bring the check to the table, and those who get the check in the mail… Which Do You Want To Be?”
But I don’t want this to be some big ad for my special sale that you should buy right now. (Wink)
My friend and client Michael Mingoia wrote me a great message last night:
Bones– thank you for your most recent blog post. You’ve reminded me and inspired me to work on my passion project instead of taking a day off from doing what I already love to do! “Labor Day” will be my official “Productivity Day!”
It inspired me.
Weird, right?
He was inspired by me, and then he turned around and inspired me back.
That’s how it works. You can be the SOURCE for what you want. If you want love, someone. If you want a punch, punch someone.
His email (about my email) got me thinking about the people I haven’t reached yet.
Recently, I did a 4-week course teaching how you can blog about, and monetize your art, your hobby, and your playtime.
It’s a simple idea: Bring certain kinds of people together, and let them buy stuff from people who give you a commission.
So, if you’re a cat lover, and you can make a blog about cats, you can find products that cat lovers will buy, and get a commission when cat lovers buy them.
Simple, right?
And if you’re an artist, maybe you bring together a certain kind of person through your art- those people buy stuff too.
You can make money without selling out, without being a shill, and without trading your hours away everyday.
So today is Labor day, and I’m about to go out with my wife and son to the park to play with bubbles and in the sprinklers.
A lot of people will be doing that today.
But we’ll be doing it tomorrow too.
And if I get called for an audition, I can just go.
And if I want to shoot a video tomorrow, I will.
Or write a blog post, or talk about Star Trek, or play HALO, or kiss my wife, or change a diaper, or create a new website, or write a new book, or see my mom, or whatever.
But tomorrow, I definitely won’t LABOR.
So, if you go back to work tomorrow (or are even sad that you won’t be), I want you to maybe take a second and look around at what you might make into a business for yourself.
If you’re an actor, you’ll probably enjoy my book and videos, but if not, you might really like the “get paid to blog about what you love” idea.
Have a great day, and I hope you share this so YOU can be the source of inspiration for someone else.
– Bones, the guy who wants you to have a 7-day “Anti-Labor” weekend!!

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