This Is The Person Responsible For The AME Shooting

There was a shooting last night at a black church, white male about 21 years old.


A kid, really.


Let me explain- This kid is definitely to BLAME for the shooting, and if and when they catch him, there will no doubt he will be put on trial and found guilty of murder and a hate crime.


YOU are Responsible


The NINE dead people are gone- they were innocent victims, and that too is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Because now that this has happened AGAIN, the question is- HOW DO WE STOP IT?

That part is your responsibility.

As in- you get to Choose Your RESPONSE now.

Maybe you really don’t care- you have every right to choose that Response.

Maybe you just think “oh well- if we had armed the people in church, along with the pastor, then maybe he only would have killed 4 or 5 before he was gunned down too”

Maybe you say “That’s enough! We need to look around for a SOLUTION, and find people who have found it.”

Whether or not it fits with your beliefs, or your convictions, or whatever- you want a SOLUTION.

You see, the people who want to END GUN DEATHS have a solution, and it’s very simple:

Make GUNS illegal.

Do you agree? Great- then share this right now. It’s your RESPONSIBILITY to do that- it’s basically the LEAST you can do, and if you are on board with this solution, then SHARE IT.

If you don’t agree with this solution, then you can choose one of the others….
the ones that have already been proven to NOT work.

I would argue that you are then not actually looking for a solution, just looking to make yourself feel better.

Maybe THAT is the response you choose- you have that right too.

Just remember- that after this shooting- and every other- THEY ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

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