The Young Living Rep Who Works Too Hard

Sometimes I’m not very clear… and I also don’t take my own advice.

Here’s how this started:

I have a personal friend who I just learned is in the Network Marketing company Young Living Essential Oils.

She works too hard.

Young Living makes all sorts of oils for whatever ails you, and it’s a health and wellness-based company, with all sorts of oils for the home, beauty etc.

She is excited about the opportunity, and is well-read on a lot of the books and materials on Network Marketing; she follows Eric Worre, and has a large leg that was built because she got lucky and found a builder in depth.

That’s all great, but she’s been at it for a while, and not seeing the results she wants, or expects for the time and energy she’s putting in because:

She is being taught to build the business like it was still 1995.

In order to learn from me, and what I’ve been doing with No More Waiters, she asked for an appointment to “chat” at a Starbucks, and since she was a personal friend, I said yes.

This was my first mistake. I often tell people not to have “chats” but instead to send someone to get information first- PAID information first- and then discuss whatever they want.

Only “talk” to CUSTOMERS.

Why? Because they are better informed, and show some commitment by paying.

But she was a friend, and I didn’t want to be… “mercenary”; I was trying to be helpful.

I couldn’t understand why she didn’t just want to get on the phone, or buy any of the materials that I obviously recommend so that she could learn how to do things differently, but I said what the heck- it was nice to reminisce about coffee shop meetings.

I learned that she was doing tables and booths at conventions and trying to retail the oils, hoping to find some motivated customers.

She was doing presentations on a whiteboard at an office space, trying to get the NY team motivated and grow the presence in the city.

She is working too HARD.

And not getting results.

When we sat down I tried to explain to her that those methods are too old, and frankly, that no one would want to duplicate her.


She wanted to meet with me, because my EXAMPLE is one that people would like to emulate- I send out some emails, and live my life.

Yes, I sit at this computer at times, but it’s always in pursuit of a new idea or something.

It is NOT to retail some produtcs.

I also tried to explain to her that although Eric Worre is a big champion for the industry, that what he actually DOES is internet marketing, and to follow his example instead of his teachings about home meetings and “coffee plans”.

I then told her what I thought would be the LIGHTBULB moment for her:

“Sell Shovels”

You see, in the gold rush, although many, many people were out looking for gold, it was the people selling shovels and jeans that made all the money.

The money is in the tools.

But also to use the tools to grow her business.

I tried explaining that what we were doing here with Empower is to teach people how to grow their business online, and to give them the shovels to do it with.

And to ALSO sell the shovels.

She got it.

A few hours later, she texted me saying that she wanted to write a booklet on Young Living products that would help other reps sell the oils.

I told that’s a good idea, but frankly would be a nightmare to do legally and probably not worth the money.

I sent her the capture page for the TEAM BUILDING FORMULA so she could buy the blueprint and start to learn how to build her business online:

I thought she would buy it immediately, but she didn’t.

I actually should have told her to BUY IT, but I didn’t.

Again, trying not to be…”Mercenary”.

So, I also sent her the ATTRACTION MARKETING FORMULA from Elite Marketing Pro, but I think it confused her because she didn’t buy it either, and instead asked about “buying in” to the different companies.



See, had I just said “Buy the TEAM BUILDING FORMULA, and then we’ll talk” then she would have had a better understanding of all the info I dumped on her.

On top of all of this, someone I know just quit her job because she had a “good month” in her Arbonne business. She didn’t sponsor anyone, but she had a few “promises” from her friends that they would be customers.


So- I have been thinking about all of this for a few days, and here I am writing this post.

And I’m writing it in the hopes that the next time I encounter someone who is being told by her upline to do meetings and spend ALL that time and energy away from her family and life, that I will SELL FIRST.

Here’s the process- in 6 steps:

1- Start a blog about the benefits of your product

2- Sell an INFORMATION product that promotes your main product.

3- Sell your main product by using the power of the internet to work for you instead of doing meetings yourself.

4- Offer the opportunity to do what you just did.

5- Teach them to do what you just did.


Sounds simple, right?

Well, it actually isn’t!

Because- as you can see, there’s a lot to learn.

And then there’ll be a lot to teach.




What if you didn’t have to do it?

What if you could just send someone through a done-for-you system that not only showed them how to set all of that up, but taught them the principles of it, AND PAID YOU FOR SENDING THEM THERE?

That’s Empower Network.

That’s what we’re doing here.

It’s not for prospects- it’s for REPS.

It’s the shovel that actually teaches you HOW TO SHOVEL and find the gold.

You see?

Because of what I have learned here, I use these steps to build my No More Waiters business, my Health Advice and product business, my CARDS business.

Et Cetera- until I don’t want to have anymore funnels.

“Why all the funnels?”

WHY NOT? They are fun to build!!!!

It has nothing to do with “buying in all those companies”, it’s the LEARNING itself.

So- if this LONG-ASS POST hasn’t gotten you to see why EVERY Network marketer is better off here learning from Empower Network instead of learning what worked in 1995, then…

Start with the Viral Blogging System NOW and upgrade to ALL of the products- you’ll be thrilled that you did, and then you WON’T be working too hard!

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