The Luckiest Guy- The 7 MUST-ASK Questions BEFORE You Get Married

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7 MUST-ASK Questions BEFORE You Get Married

Sometimes people get married, and then a year or two later realize that there are a bunch of things they wish they had known first. Inevitably, someone says “Didn’t you ask those questions before getting married?” I wrote this so you can avoid having that conversation…

As the author of Captain Kirk’s Guide To Women- How To Romance ANY Woman In The Galaxy, people expect me to have a one-sided view on the topic of love,  dating and people getting married, but they are often surprised…

“It’s less about who the other person is, and more about who YOU are.”

I read an article on CNN, on people getting married, and the advice was so practical; mostly about money, self-centered, and in my opinion, utterly UNIMPORTANT.

Here is a list of The 7 MUST-ASK Questions Before You Get Married:

1- Do I want to be a part of this person’s happiness?
2- Do I think my happiness is important to that person?
3- What kind of partner do I want to be?
4- Do I think my partner would like for me to be that kind of partner?
5- Am I a complete person without them? I should be. No one wants to be married to half a person.
6- Do I respect this person’s opinions, and do we disagree on a way that retains happiness?
7- Do I see myself adding to this person’s life in a positive way, and do I feel they do the same for me?

I think these questions (and there are probably more) are FAR more important than “Do we know what percentage of money we will each contribute?” or “Who is responsible for food shopping?”

Sure the question of Money is important, but that’s something that you can figure out together.

Yes, you might want to know whether the person wants kids or not, but you can figure it out together.

Someone has to do the food shopping, but it’s also something that you can figure out together.

-Especially if your priority is to figure things out together!

I guess that’s the main question- what is your priority when it comes to your relationship? Is it that the other person do stuff for you, or is it about WHO you get to be in relation to the other person?

Who are YOU to that person? Are you their hero, their mommy, their stability, their adventure, their clown, their lover- how often do you change roles, and do you enjoy each of them just because the other person brings them out?

So, I would say that it’s way more important to ask YOURSELF these questions before getting married.

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I know I’m writing this with a little bit of expertise, and maybe I’m a little taken away with myself here, but I’m just speaking my truth at the moment, and I reserve the right to completely change my mind at any time.

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