Get Rich Teaching Yoga?

Entreperformer Business Makeover- Yoga Instructor!

My friend Kelly was cooking something for me (yes, I have good friends like that), and we were talking about her Yoga classes. She told me about what she was doing, and how she’d like to have it work. I gave her a number of ideas and plans, and I thought that other people might want to apply what I told her:


She already had a website put together, but I of course told her that she must build a mailing list, and for that, she might want to use AWEBER. It is the most well-known list service out there, and many of the other services use their platform and make things speciffically for their users. I also told her to run a blog, and learn how to promote it, so she gets traffic- the RIGHT kind of traffic. 

Want to learn more about Kelly and the Yoga she teaches? Click HERE:

Anyone can start to create a real business using some strategies from the internet, and then pursue whatever life you want, because you have created assets that pay you. If that makes sense, and you want more info on how to do all of that, visit

How This Title Made Everyone Look!

These guys are just fun, aren’t they?

Aside from the whole “lifestyle marketing” thing, when you’re paying attention, you can really learn a lot from HOW they do stuff. If you read the bottom text (the one under the video), you’ll notice what words are highlighted and underlined.

ACTION words.

Its like a subliminal call to action that makes you want to join us, and with ME specifically to be help you create the LIFESTYLE you want…

Make sense?

Good! Now go giggle at the video!

Reblogged From Episode 7 – Masterminds, Nipple Grabbing & The Association Effect

I just thought that title was hilarious, isn’t it?

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had Dave Sharpe and several other important Empower Network people visiting my house for a week long mastermind.

Together, we’ve thought up some badass ideas that we’re excited to share with you at the Miami event.

Ideas that I couldn’t have thought up alone. 

Today I talk about synergy, the power of putting your mind together with other people to drastically multiply your powers and abilities

…because 2 people’s minds put together never output 2 people’s thinking abilities; they MULTIPLY.

Watch the video, and pay close attention; because as you pay close attention you may realize something that you’ve never realized before now.

Something that’s going to cause a shift inside.

Also – Dave Sharpe talking about the power of association, and some uncomfortable nipple grabbing (see video).

“Realize and focus on what you’re good at, because those are the things that are going to make you successful” – Dave Sharpe.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below, and answer the question from today’s video.

– David Wood

P.S. Because you’re on this page reading this blog post, it means that you’re the kind of person who likes to mastermind and associate with powerful people. Which means you need to get to the Miami event – tickets in the members area. I’ll see you there!

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– The EN Team

Are You Being The Source?

The Daves talk about how they had to work together in order ti get going.

I’ve been thinking about that lately, and realized that in order to BE THE SOURCE of what I want in life, I need some people for me to BE THE SOURCE for!

In other words, I want to have more people around me to inspire me, motivate me, and help me create the life I want. Therefore, I need to find other people who want the same thing, and BE THE SOURCE of inspiration, motivation, and help for them.

Wanna be one of them?

Reblogged From Episode 6 – Dave & Dave’s Costa Rican Rant

After arriving in Costa Rica for a week-long mastermind, Dave & I decided to get on camera together for the daily video show.

Today’s episode is about living your purpose and really, just connecting with people.

As people who are building businesses from home, it’s important that we connect with people who empower us.

…because sometimes, when you’re building a home business, you can feel like you’re doing it alone.

So I want to challenge you to connect with other people.

People with your best intentions in mind, people who challenge you to build something better and push you forward in the direction of your dreams.

The kind of people who are inside Empower Network, the kind of people who attend the events.

Watch the video, let me know what you think in the comments below and come back tomorrow for episode 7.

See you tomorrow,

– Dave Sharpe

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– The EN Team

What Does It Take To Live FREE?

If You Want To LIVE FREE, Here’s a great way to figure it out..

Ho much do you actually need?

Reblogged From Episode 3 – The Art Of Lifestyle Construction

Welcome back folks, to episode 3 – The Art Of Lifestyle Construction.

In today’s episode I talk about getting to the bottom of what you really want.

My goal for these 2 videos is to ‘re-frame’ your reality, just a little bit. 

Enough to make you realize what it really takes to live the kind of lifestyle that you want to live.

Most people get started in this business, or any other business with a single intention; to live their dream by making ‘more’ money.

How much money they almost never define, because they fail to strategically construct their lifestyle, like I’m going to show you how to do in this video.

What I want you to realize by now watching this video and paying attention; is that your dream lifestyle probably costs a lot less than you think.

Watch the video, learn the secrets of ‘lifestyle construction’ and find out what it really takes to live your dream.

Lova ya,

– David ‘See You In Miami’ Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Re-blog this post and share it with your list, and get money when they decide to join after seeing it.

P.P.S. Construct your lifestyle right, and you’ll get results 10x faster, 10x easier; working every day with endless motivation, knowing exactly what it really takes to live your dream.

-The EN Team

Dave Wood’s “Sneaky” Way To Make You GO FOR IT- NOW

If you pay attention to the things he says in the video, there are actually a number of SNEAKY ways that he makes you do or want to do something. 

If you’re paying close attention, you’ll hear how he recommends that you GIVE VALUE before you expect to gain anything, and also that you have to JOIN NOW before you can expect to make any money.

The blogging platform is built to be shared, so when you join, it’s just natural that you’ll end up sharing this post, along with whatever else you want to share, just like how you use facebook or twitter already.

Listen carefully to the sneaky language, and then log in, share, and wait for tomorrow’s video- PAY ATTENTION and Get Started Now.

Reblogged From The Majestic Creation Of My Unconscious Mind (message from Dave’s new house)

Badass, isn’t it?

This was my attempt at creating a kind of MTV cribs style video of my new headquarters (house) here in Escazu, Costa Rica.

Let me know what you think of the new place.

Starting now, I’m going to be running a kind of ‘show’ from my house here, indefinitely – with people inside of Empower Network.

I want to teach you guys, something of value – daily.

What I’m going to do, is teach you how (for free) to create the lifestyle that you want to live.

I’m going to be bringing people out from all over the world, and interviewing them on how they create magical results (inside & outside of Empower Network).

Now pay attention as this is important:

If you’re in Empower, I want you to:

  • Come to the blog every day (5 days/week) & watch the videos.
  • Re-blog the videos by hitting the re-blog button.
  • Leave me your thoughts & comments below.

Love ya, and see you in the next video.

David Wood

P.S. Pay close attention to the blog in the coming days and weeks – you’re going to learn something of value every day.

P.P.S. Got your event ticket yet? If not, make a decision– login to the members area, grab your ticket right now and come hang out with us in Miami, I’ll see you there.

-The EN Team


What is the inspiration for Entreperformers?

Like everything in life, there have been many things that have come together  to create the Entreperformers that I envision right now.

1- My life- Currently, I haven’t had a day job in 10 years, buut I want more. I want to be ABUNDANT in my life, in a way that feels more secure than I think it is. However, knowign that I’ve felt it for 10 years, I also know that people also want to learn how to be in that situation. I also know hat I should be the source for what I want to have. Therefore, if I want to feel like a big deal of a guy, I should make other people feel like a big deal. If I want to be more motivated and inspired to do the things I know I should do, that I should BE THE SOURCE to help other people.

Empower Network- is a network of bloggers that offers training for people who want to earn an income blogging, and have an affiliate program for their own network. It’s brilliant. And if I want to make it work for me, I have to BE THE SOURCE and help other people do it.

If I want to be more entertaining, and get my work out there more often, then I need to BE THE SOURCE and create the people around me.

How to blog without blogging

I had someone say “I don’t want to blog!”

But they still wanted traffic and sales.

Well, all I’m doing is REBLGGING someone else’s message.

I didn;t even have to write this!