Get Rich Teaching Yoga?

Entreperformer Business Makeover- Yoga Instructor!

My friend Kelly was cooking something for me (yes, I have good friends like that), and we were talking about her Yoga classes. She told me about what she was doing, and how she’d like to have it work. I gave her a number of ideas and plans, and I thought that other people might want to apply what I told her:


She already had a website put together, but I of course told her that she must build a mailing list, and for that, she might want to use AWEBER. It is the most well-known list service out there, and many of the other services use their platform and make things speciffically for their users. I also told her to run a blog, and learn how to promote it, so she gets traffic- the RIGHT kind of traffic. 

Want to learn more about Kelly and the Yoga she teaches? Click HERE:

Anyone can start to create a real business using some strategies from the internet, and then pursue whatever life you want, because you have created assets that pay you. If that makes sense, and you want more info on how to do all of that, visit

Are You Being The Source?

The Daves talk about how they had to work together in order ti get going.

I’ve been thinking about that lately, and realized that in order to BE THE SOURCE of what I want in life, I need some people for me to BE THE SOURCE for!

In other words, I want to have more people around me to inspire me, motivate me, and help me create the life I want. Therefore, I need to find other people who want the same thing, and BE THE SOURCE of inspiration, motivation, and help for them.

Wanna be one of them?

Reblogged From Episode 6 – Dave & Dave’s Costa Rican Rant

After arriving in Costa Rica for a week-long mastermind, Dave & I decided to get on camera together for the daily video show.

Today’s episode is about living your purpose and really, just connecting with people.

As people who are building businesses from home, it’s important that we connect with people who empower us.

…because sometimes, when you’re building a home business, you can feel like you’re doing it alone.

So I want to challenge you to connect with other people.

People with your best intentions in mind, people who challenge you to build something better and push you forward in the direction of your dreams.

The kind of people who are inside Empower Network, the kind of people who attend the events.

Watch the video, let me know what you think in the comments below and come back tomorrow for episode 7.

See you tomorrow,

– Dave Sharpe

P.S. Re-blog this post, share it with your list and ‘get commissions’ when people decide to join us after watching it. See you tomorrow.


– The EN Team

Improv Music Rehearsal With Freestyle Repertory Theatre

Improv Music Rehearsal With Freestyle Repertory Theatre

I’ve been performing woith Freestyle Repertory Theatre for over a decade, and we do some great improv work. While the other NYC schools are concerning themselves with “clever”, we’re working on storyline. Actual Stories, people.

But today, we used some of that “Go For It!” attitude and sat around a piano making up songs. We started simply, and didn’t try to make lyrics. We just sang “Lalalala” so we could get a feel for the way we each created music. 

Then we “foiled” each other by creating sounds that mimicked the others, but added to it musically.

Eventually, we added lyrics. characters, and STORYLINES so that we were doing counterpoint, and repeated phrases.

And then my head hurt.

But I look forward to when an audience gets to hear it!