Yes! New Official Full-Length Star Trek Trailer!

The New Star Trek Trailer is here!

Not to be confused with the TEASER trailer

This weekend, they released the first 9 minutes of the movie with the IMAX showings of The Hobbit. I haven’t seen the first 9 minutes yet; this weekend we had a bunch of stuff to do and I still haven’t seen The Hobbit. I will have my review of that any day now, but for now…

here’s the New Star Trek Trailer:

It looks like the bad guy is in a Starfleet shirt, and I have been keeping myself away from all of the spoilers because I don’t wanna know! I just bought the Star Trek Comic books for my cousin, and I’ll probably read them before, but I promise not to spill the news!

I don’t know about you, but as the author of Captain Kirk’s Guide To Women, I am super-excited about seeing the new Star Trek movie!