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If you’ve been following my 10,000 likes facebook page

or my popular blog posts,

then you already know-

I am an actor, I don’t have a day job, and I haven’t had one for over 10 years.

I’m not famous, I’m not rich, and I don’t live in Beverly Hills.

I have done very little TV and Film, my IMDB is tiny, but

I’ve made over $400,000 as an actor through commercials, and stage.

I have spent thousands and written a book and created a course on QUITTING YOUR DAY JOB so you can be free to audition, book work, and shoot whatever you want, whenever you want.

(How much is that worth to you?)

My course is called “No More Waiters: How To Build Your Acting Business WITHOUT A Day Job”:


People buy it all the time, and I have great testimonials- I teach people that when you make money outside of a day job, you can do whatever you want.

That’s why I have an acting career- because when asked if I’m available, my answer is always “YES”- no boss to ask, no shift to switch, nothing- I say “YES” because I make my OWN money.


I teach people a lot of ways to make money without a day job, but my favorite is to make “Online Vending Machines”.

An “Online Vending Machine” is a webpage that sells something that people buy, and then you just get website surfers to look at it- if they buy stuff, you make money.

It’s not “YOU” selling stuff, but it’s YOUR MACHINE, so you keep the money.

Make sense?

I show people how to make those.

It’s pretty damn simple.

Wanna see one? 

You’re looking at one kind.

I thought that was obvious.

Want more? Ok, let me make this even simpler.

Sometimes I use a system to sell stuff.

My own stuff, and OTHER PEOPLE’S stuff.


Yeah- see, that’s the part that trips people up.

Most people know that OF COURSE you can sell your own stuff on a website and make money (like Ebay or Etsy), but most people don’t have their own stuff to sell-

So I teach them to make a machine that sells someone else’s stuff.


Just like if you had a candy machine, your machine would be selling someone ELSE’s candy, but since YOU own the machine, YOU keep the money.

Make sense? Are you following?

Remember- you are going to share this post.


But hold on.

I’m not talking about mailing stuff out, because that takes TIME.

And I’m not talking about “buy low and sell high” because that takes MONEY.

I’m talking about after your machine is set up, ZERO time.

I’m also talking about NOT having to buy the “stuff to sell” first.

Even though I teach people to MAKE their own machines, I also show people how to just BUY A SYSTEM that works like an “online vending machine”.

It makes money FOR you when people
buy what the machine sells.

That makes sense to most people, because you can just imagine every time you have bought something from a vending machine, that the owner must have made money right?

So- it’s the same thing online. You can just have a website, and when people buy something from it (even if they buy someone else’s product), you make money.

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This is FREE for a little while, but if you’ve reached this page at a different time, then I recommend buying it. It’s probably not more than $50, but of course, it’s up to you.

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So, here’s my wrap-up question for you…

-I have LITERALLY written the book on actors making money outside of a day job.

-I have made over $400,000 from SAG payments alone, and haven’t had a day job in over 10 years.

-I am giving you advice on how to get further in your dreams.

Are you an actor?

Do you want to make money outside of your stupid day job so you can be free to do what you want?

Wouldn’t you like to make $400,000 as an actor? More?

Great! Then you probably bought my course, signed up for my webinars, and got started so you could learn all you can, right?



Maybe you feel like you need to know more?

I have made thousands from using the system, from learning from it, and the idea it’s based on has made me day-job free for over 15 years.

What would YOU do if you didn’t have to trade time for money anymore?


So- If you haven’t clicked the link by now, then you’re scared of something.

It’s probably some version of “This sounds too good to be true”, or “Maybe THEY can do it, but I couldn’t possibly”.

Maybe you’re right- but maybe you’re wrong (and you are), but there’s only one way to find out. 

Did you register your info and get started yet?

If not, then I’m sorry I couldn’t get you past your fears- I tried.


Either way, I look forward to you keeping your word, keeping your promise, and sharing this post now- I mean, you don’t want to shame your mother do you?



P.S.- If you’re more of a “thinker” than a “doer”, then get my book here, and read about all the other options you have!

Why Tobey Maguire REFUSED Spider-Man- Until This

Did you know that Tobey Maguire TURNED DOWN the offer
to audition for Spider-Man when they asked him to?
Why would he do that?
I’ll tell you in a minute but first: 
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I know, I know- I’m totally using the Tobey Maguire thing to tell you guys this, but really- Actors go to the gym, I go to the gym, and I love their stuff, so it’s relevant.
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The reason I brought up Tobey Maguire is that at first,
his agent thought he was too “nerdy” and skinny
to get the part for Spider-man.
So, they said no…
and months later, by the time the producers were closer to actually choosing the actor,
he had bulked up, burned fat, and looked a lot more like a superhero!
So maybe you want to try this stuff?
This story kinda blew my mind because I would think that they would just hire him, and then have him go to the gym and bulk up AFTERWARDS.
But it just shows that you have to be the part WHEN YOU AUDITION.
That’s why I like booking jobs where I feel like I’m “hardly acting” because I’m already LIKE the characters I like playing.
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The First Giveaway Video Training- Solopreneurship #1

Look! I made a lesson for YOU on being a Solopreneur, and I’m basically giving away a bunch of secrets in this video series.

This video lesson on Solopreneurship is the basics for understanding how to have a business of your own, and free time to enjoy your life instead of working all the time for money.


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This Video Makes Me Like AUSTRALIAN Actors Even More!

So I met this guy online…

Wait…Not like that.

I mean, that he sent me a friend request,
and sends me a very cool video as a testimonial for my course for actors.

Wait- for real…


Do you know how often I speak to American Actors who bitch and moan about everything?


I mean, they aren’t seen for this, they are angry because someone else got the job, because no one recognizes their “GENIUS” acting abilities (mostly because they aren’t doing anything), and it gets so tiring.

This guy Chris is taking the opportunities that are in front of him, and he’s out working. Then he comes home, learns some more from me and my course, and then makes me a video:



Gotta love that.

So I called him, and we chatted for a bit about what he’s learned, and how he wants to apply what he’s learned so far.

We had a GREAT conversation.

Because he’s excited for his future, he’s moving forward…


and he’s got a REALLY FUNNY ACCENT.



What about YOU?

Are you too busy bitching and moaning, or are you focusing on the good stuff in your life?

I know that I’m guilty of “poor me” syndrome on occasion.

I can get real down about when something doesn’t work out the way I want it to.

(And that’s most of the time)

But fortunately, I get to be a mentor to people to keep me excited and optimistic.

People like Chris, Ronald, Miranda, and a few others who are all motivated by me, and yet motivate me too.

Find yourself a good group to hang out with- in person or virtually, and let them spark your fire.

Soon enough, you’ll be sparking theirs, and all of you will encourage and motivate each other.

It’s called “Being the Source”:

Whatever you want in life, be the source of it for others.


  • If you want motivation, then motivate others.
  • If you want a hug, hug others.
  • If you want LOVE, love someone else.
  • If you want a punch in the mouth, punch someone in the mouth!

 So, next time you feel like it’s all worthless, remember to show gratitude for something or someone- they might need it too!

And if you want something to be grateful for, come learn to quit your day job and become a full-time actor.

Then YOU can make a video for me too! 


 P.S.- Don’t be mad at me for luring you here with Hugh Jackman. This post was still totally worth it!

Ok, OK, you can see more here.


(Did I say what you would see?)


A Producers Guide To The Perfect Headshot

I’ve been a full-time actor for about 13 years now, and I have to admit that I haven’t gotten as many headshots as I should have in that amount of time.

Recently, I’ve decided that it’s time for new headshots, and I wanted to be sure I reviewed some great tips I got from the Late Great Bob Fraser, who was an accomplished actor, director, and most importantly- PRODUCER.


 Bob used to sell a course for actors called “You Must Act”, along with other great courses, and I bought ALL of his stuff- it was always packed of great information, and got me motivated to keep moving.

We were working on creating a product together, because he would teach actors about the business of acting, and I would teach them how to quit your day job, so you can be free to be a full-time actor.

Together, we would have made a great team! I would get people FREE of the day job, and he would make them STARS!

Unfortunately, he passed away a while ago, and his family chose to not make his great products available anymore, so I have chosen to give you some of his tips from his fantastic headshot book “Headshot Secrets”:

The most important part of a headshot is that it LOOK LIKE YOU! As Bob says:


“So your first bit of homework is to take the time, each day, to repeat
the most important and basic mind-set adjustments, until they
become second nature to you:
◊ I look like me.
◊ I must get comfortable with it.
◊ I must use how I look to my advantage.
Here are the first few ‘baby steps’ in adjusting your mind-set:
1. Work hard at becoming ‘okay’ with the way you look.
2. Dump the idea that a headshot gets you work. It
doesn’t. Your headshot will only get you the chance to
sell yourself.
3. Maintain your objectivity.
4. Focus on your REAL goal: Getting IN THE DOOR!”

Bob was very clear that we were in a BUSINESS, and his advice always came from a PRODUCERS point of view instead of as some fellow actor who is also just fumbling along the path.

 You see, too many actors are worried about if they look “good” or not, and should instead be looking at the headshot as an ADVERTISEMENT FOR THEIR ACTING BUSINESS.

He goes on to say this:


“If your headshot doesn’t work, you must get another one.

One more time:
If your headshot doesn’t work, you must get another one.”


Just like if you had an AD that didn’t work for a home business, you’d want to create a new one.

Isn’t that a REVELATION?

Instead of asking if you look “sexy”, you can just ask “Is it getting me in the door?”

Aside from some of the great tips I learned from Bob (Which people who are part of my mastermind have access to), I learned that when you are getting new headshots- it’s YOU who is the business owner- not the photographer, not your agent or manager- that it is all up to YOU.

That YOU should be selling a CHARACTER that you play well. 

Y’know how Paul Rudd is pretty much always playing a version of Paul Rudd?

Or how Chris Hemsworth is pretty much always playing a Hunky guy?

or how Scarlett Johanssen is pretty much always Scarlett Johansson?


THAT’S what the business is.

Sure, you want to have “range” and all of that, but for the BUSINESS, you need to know what you’re selling, and your headshot is the first way people know what you’re selling.

Look PAST the camera, connect with the viewer, and SELL that character!

Also- No Arms, stop cutting off your own head, and get a good photographer for God’s sake!

This is where people tell me that a good photographer is expensive, and I tell them to make money like I do  instead of waiting tables, walking dogs or watching babies!

So many actors don’t want to spend ANY money on their acting career because they think it’s a job- it is NOT a job- it’s a BUSINESS, and you absolutely have to stop being a penny-pinching loser with your business.

Your acting business is starving because you won’t pay for information, services, or anything because you think your “talent” will do it-

and that’s why most headshots suck.

and that’s why most actors careers suck

and that’s why most actors quit

Remember that you are SELLING your acting services, and you’ll have an advantage over all the other “artists” who are penny-pinching, broke and about to quit!

In PART 2 of “The Producer’s Guide To The Perfect Headshot”, I compare people’s headshots with before/afters, and give away the perfect headshot checklist…



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Are You Losing The Chase?

You can get tired chasing a dream.

That’s what this actress told me when we were going home from her show.

She had just done King Lear, and she told me about how tired she was of juggling a day job, and trying to build her acting career… So I told her what I always tell everyone:

If you want to be a successful actor, why not do something that teaches you about business instead of being a waiter, or a caterer, or whatever?


Willy Wonka Thinks You’re Deluded

This is kinda cruel.

I wanted to make an uplifting, inspirational meme that would soread out across the internet and people would learn and thank me for all of the wonderful things I’ve done.

Instead, I made a Willy Wonka meme.

And it’s kinda mean… I mean, here I am trying to motivate and help people feel like they have an ally in me, a trusted leader who will asist them in being a creative, Entreperformer, but instead I’m making a snarky internet crack at them.

But it’s kinda funny, so….

Besides, this way, maybe people will share it, and more people will discover how I can help them GET FREE, QUIT THEIR DAY JOBS, and become the actor and artists they want to be!!