Sugar is killing us, You F*cking Idiot.

Sugar is killing us

Sugar is Killing Us.

I’ve upped the language here to make sure people get it.

I blog about health on occasion, and usually about how NOT to freak out over it, and yeah, I eat candy, and yeah, I drink soda too.

But Sugar is POISON, just like alcohol or cigarettes.

(I don’t f*ck with cigarettes. Only F*cking Idiots do that.)

Today a new study came out in the New York Times today about how Sugar is killing us. If you bother to read it, it’ll tell it like it is- there is NO DOUBT among the scientific community two things-

1- “Obesity doesn’t cause diabetes: sugar does.”

2- “It isn’t simply overeating that can make you sick; it’s overeating SUGAR. We finally have the proof we need for a verdict: sugar is toxic.”

Toxic means poisonous. Sugar is POISONOUS.

Sugar is killing us.

So Stop eating all the sugar, and stop SELLING all the sugar-laden crap to people and telling them it’s healthy-


You can read more here- It’s the Sugar, Folks –

Or just share this headline, so that even if people don’t read the study, they’ll hear the message that…

Sugar is killing us.

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