Shock! As Americans Bought 21 Million Snoop Dogg Albums, Violent Crime Fell 53 Percent!

Lately, I’ve been very conscious of the crazy ways that the NRA and the Gun Marketers manipulate their audience into believing the craziest things.

I have been pretty Anti-Gun since Sandy Hook, and it really only takes a few minutes to really LOOK at the ways the “pro-gun profiteers” lie, cheat and manipulate the facts to generate more profit from death.

Or more death from profit.

So, someone tagged me on a post from the NRA today, and it was such a glaringly obvious logic fallacy, that I was SURE no one would be so dumb as to believe it.

Here it is:

I was wrong.

Maybe at FIRST look, it goes past your brain, and makes you think “hmm, maybe that’s true…” and then you realize that it is RIDICULOUS.

But here’s the scary part:

The comments underneath it:

These were the comments DIRECTLY under- I didn’t “find” good ones and splice them together. 

There are THOUSAND of these comments.

I mean, is this the type of “responsible gun owner” whose feelings I’m supposed to validate?

Am I supposed to value their opinion about how we make laws to bring down the 32,000 gun deaths a year?

Not only am I disgusted that this fiction was written, but the fact that it was published and promoted on the hyper right-wing propaganda website makes me terrified, and sad for the otherwise good people being turned into slaves for the corporate agenda of gun sales.

They do this to people for profit.

So, I commented for my friend, who “just wanted my opinion” on the “article”:

and so I got to thinking… What else happened since 1993?

Of course, Snoop Dogg came out with “Doggystyle”,

and nothing has been the same since!

Even though “Gangsta Rap” had been around for a bit, it wasn’t until Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre released this crucial cross-over album that has obviously made an impact on the youth.

And of course, the various waving of gang signs, waving of peace signs, and the “Throw ya guns in the air” chants from the likes of ONYX have stemmed the violence throughout the country.

This began the real rap into mainstream, and White rap fans bought the albums in droves, making sales of all gangsta-rap grow significantly throughout the 90’s.

It seems that the same homicidal maniacs who would otherwise have been killing people chose to listen to Snoop Dogg, NWA, Biggie and Tupac instead.

The message is clear:
More Hip-Hop, less crime.


The overarching message is simple—more Snoop Dogg, less crime. Americans have purchased “21 million Snoop Albums” since 1993, and violent crime has decreased as Album ownership has increased.

All hail the DoggFather!!

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