People Told Me It Was A Scam; I Guess I Deserved It

I sent this email out to some friends, and I thought I’d post it here too:


I know you haven’t heard from me in a bit, but you were a member
of Empower Network for a little while, and I want to let you know what
happened with me…
I joined like 2 years ago, because I liked the hype of “100% commissions”
and all of that, but I was also turned off by that same hype.
I just figured it was a cool new “deal”, and I was willing to try it out.I told a few people who knew about this kind of stuff, but I didn’t really promote it publicly, y’know?Some people told me it was a scam.
But I just watched the videos, used the blog, and learned from the courses,
which I applied to my own business-
I made new products, did webinars, helped a lot more people,
and sold a lot more on No More Waiters as a result of what I had learned.
In the meantime, on occasion someone “joined” Empower, and I just sent them 
to the main system, and they did whatever they wanted.
I kept learning from the courses in the back office, and I started
using the blog more, to promote my business, using what they teach.
And then more people bought my products, and I’d collect checks.
And every once in a while, someone would buy the Empower blog from me.
and I’d collect a check.
And then sometimes, someone would buy more
Just like I had done.
And then someone bought a lot of stuff
And I started getting deposits from Empower that were just as much
as income from my own business…
 that I had been promoting, creating products for, doing webinars for,
and doing joint ventures and all that stuff.
And then I got a deposit for $787…
So I started paying a lot MORE attention.
And then I realized why people who “get” Empower stayed, versus
people who kind of just thought it was a new “deal”, like I first thought it was.
You see, it turns out that the “system” they were hyping
had a foundation of BLOGGING that works whether you make one post or 100.
And I had used the system to build No More Waiters…
But ended up selling a bunch of Empower Network products too.
And that’s when I realized why IT WORKS.
Because there is a percentage of people reading blogs online
who want to LEARN about making money online…. by blogging.
And Empower sells those products.
there will be a percentage of those people who will want to learn
all the things I learned for No More Waiters.
And if you are an affiliate for that, then YOU get paid.
If you want to see my blog, it’s here-
I didn’t understand how that all worked at first, and I think most people get
confused with the MLM part, and the hype and want it to work like some “miracle”
Except it kinda DOES do that also.
Because since I’ve been making SALES, some of them have also become
Like the ol’ “I bought the product, so I became an business owner” you
hear about in the old MLM meetings.
Except it’s TRUE.
So, I am writing to tell you that instead of “recruiting”, and doing “opportunity meetings” and all of that, to concentrate on MAKING SALES of whatever business you are pursuing.

You only get paid when there’s a SALE.

And getting paid is the way you make money 😀

I hope you’re doing well, and let me know that you read this, even if you 
are going to let this pass you by now.

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