R. Kelly and Phoenix At Coachella And It Blew My Mind!

R. Kelly and Phoenix at Coachella show you how to do a live remix…

I just watched this over at BuzzFeed, but I liked it so much I HAD to upload it here too: 

Now, I dunno whose fan you are, but Ignition Remix is one of my favorite songs, and this remix is AMAZING. I have to assume it was Phoenix’s idea to do this, being that the R. Kelly song is older, but you gotta be DAMN confident to mix styles like this.

R. Kelly and Phoenix 1901 music with Ignition Remix vocals.. LIVE. I have nothing else to say about this really except that you have to WATCH it, and I’m jealous I wasn’t at Coachella this year… or ever. Maybe I’ll change that because of this.

And here is a better video, but you can’t hear the audience freaking out like they were:


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