Perform Random Acts Of Shakespeare!

Perform Random Acts of Shakespeare

Perform Random Acts of Shakespeare

Would You Like To Perform Random Acts of Shakespeare?

Sure, you’be heard of Performing Random Acts of Kindness, where people do nice things suddenly. Like might pay the toll for the person behind them. They may carry some bags across the street for someone. They may become a teacher, and teach something just for the feeling of knowing that they have spread great ideas.

They may even teach someone how to make money online just with words.

But some people are being surprised by witty banter, by poetic insults and by virtuoso performances of a well-known writer: William Shakespeare.

Best known for his blood-splattered play HAMLET (also re-imagined as THE LION KING), Shakespeare is a favorite among actors, writers, playwrights and now…


“Perform Random Acts Of Shakespeare” The Fashion Line!

Perform Random Acts of Shalespeare

Perform Random Acts of Shakespeare T-Shirt

Friends, Romans, Countrymen- lend me your ears! Adorned by the good-looking and the well-read, this line of apparel was conceived of by Leah Burnette, designed by Bones Rodriguez, both well-known and respected Shakespearean Improvisors.

By wearing these sexy-as-a-fishmonger T-Shirts, sweaters and thongs, you’ll be ready to be or not to be!

Teachers from all over the world are buying and wearing this line for their students and for Shakespeare celebration days.

There was a teacher who once suggested that she didn’t want to wear these items, but me thinks she doth protest too much!

Why not get your group to wear these and then actually go out and perform random acts of Shakespeare throughout your neighborhood? You can do monologues, soliloquys, poems, or full scenes complete with blood-filled battles!

Brevity is the soul of wit, so get your Random Acts Of Shakespeare Fashion Line HERE

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