Sweet Sounds of Residual Income

So, because I have been working to create residual income in my life, I get to do fun things during the day. As a comedian and actor. I’ve created several characters, and today I got to record a SONG for one of them! He’s a rapper named “Gangsta Fag”

– Yes, you read that correctly.

He is the “Hardcore Hip-Hop Homosexual”, and his raps are just over-the-top and hilarious (well, I think so , at least!). Whenever I perform him, the crowd just roars with laughter at how ridiculous an idea it is.   I actually created him in 2000, and someone else came out with a character named the same… a few months later. Some people say he stole it, but whatever.

What do I care? Now I get to do whatever I want during the day, and the residual income comes in. Whether I’m acting, writing, or making music, I go to the mailbox, and look to see if there’s a check that day- How fun is that?

You might be stupid if…

I can’t believe that there are people out there who believe the ridiculous lies that are being told about the healthcare reform stuff.

Death Panels? Are you serious?

All you have to do is look at who loses money if something happens, and you’ll see where all of the crazy claims are coming from.

Fortunately, the White House is ahead of the game, and has created this site to explain exactly what is going on in the healthcare bill- Don’t believe that STUPID email!!!!

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