The 2016 “ABC Discovers” Talent Showcase Is Open!

Hey you guys!

You know this blog and my courses are all about helping actors make money and quit their day jobs, but today, I am hooking you up with THE ABC SHOWCASE:

From ABC:
“As part of its ongoing effort to discover and develop diverse talent and actors with disabilities, the ABC Casting

Department will hold auditions for consideration for the 37th ABC Discovers: Talent Showcase.

Selected participants perform in a one night showcase for casting directors, talent agents, managers and other industry professionals.”








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2 Year-Old Autistic Boy Reminds Everyone To Love Actresses

This little guy is autistic and doesn’t smile at people other than his parents.

But then he met a hard-working, dedicated actress who routinely makes dreams come true… well, you’ll see:

Let this video remind you that not all actors are selfish, star-seeking, wanna-be hollywood celebrities trying to increase their IMDB ratings or “get discovered”.

Some of us like this Snow White actress may never be on any hit show or win any Oscars, but for this little boy and his forever-grateful parents…

She is a MIRACLE. 

Since I learned to make money online, quit my day job and become a full-time actor, I have done something like five-hundred improv shows for kids.

I wish I did more.

I once did a gig like this at Great Adventure many years ago, playing a sort of zombie-fied Austin Powers knock-off (I told you, it was a while ago) named “Willie Killegan”.

We did an improv show a few times a day, and then went back to our green room. Silly job, didn’t pay well, but I got to meet Andrew.

Andrew was a kid in a pretty elaborate wheelchair with all sorts of tubes all over it. He couldn’t speak, was drooling all over his food-stained shirt, and I could tell his parents were just… tired.

They had brought his sister to the park, along with a few of her friends, and I could tell they were having a hard time… for years.

For one reason or another, the boy got wildly excited when I came near him, shaking his arms and mumbling something over and over.

I could tell that his parents were worried he was going to scare me or something (a reaction that they probably got a lot), but there was a sign in the green room by the door where we took our breaks.

It said: “Remember that this may be someone’s favorite day of their life”

I try to remember that outside of the park too.

“Hey baby, ya lookin’ like the cat’s meowwww!” I said in my best Austin Powers knock-off impression.

He shook and buckled with laughter, mumbling over and over, and his parents translated what he said:

“Best friend, Best friend”

Well, I went in for a hug, and I could see that his parents motioned to stop me, but it was too late.

I gave him a big hug, and he drooled all over me, screaming and laughing so loud that it hurt my ears, and he gave me a little accidental head-butt.

“Remember Willie loves ya, baby!” I said, choking up.

His parents thanked me apologetically, and I left, walked back to the green room with tears in my eyes.

I discovered something about myself as a performer that day.

And it is so much better than trying to get someone else to discover me.

Remember that some of us are working, but for an entirely different reason than why you work.

The Snow White from the video above is even able to engage other kids as this little boy falls in love with her, and I bet this is a DAILY occurrence for her and the rest of the characters there. You can read the whole story HERE

So, to everyone of my fellow actors who have created a day like that for a kid and their parents- THANK YOU!

And if YOU’D like to thank them too- PASS THIS ON:

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Warning: This Video Is Making People Quit Their Job

This is some powerfully potent poetry.

People are passing this around the web, SHARING it because it’s an example of someone doing what they WANT in life, and inspiring YOU to do the same.

Will YOU have the courage to do what you want in life instead of letting someone ELSE tell you what to do?




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Married couples who have sex once a week are… WHAT?

The honeymoon is over, but the sex shouldn’t be.

Couples who have sex once a week keep the marriage alive.

Sure, more may be better but it did not up the happiness quotient.

A massive study, reviewing responses from 14,000 women and 11,000 men between 1989 and 2012, found that sex once a week kept couples happy, Forbes reports.

The General Social Survey asks Americans all different questions about behaviors every other year.
In a happy coincidence this survey found that most couples tend to have sex weekly.
The couples who are having sex on a regular basis do what it takes to get anything done on a regular basis — they schedule it.
That’s right, if you can put a lunch with the boss or a golf date in your calendar, get sex on the books. It works.
There is a correlation between making money and sex too- According to th…
Even people who work full-time find themselves needing extra income, like this 43-year-old dad who suddenly found out about his baby’s rare illness…
 Everyone says that their kids are the most important thing in their lives, but when you have to choose between your kids and your job, sometimes the choice isn’t so easy…

How to Suck At Auditioning

This is a funny video:

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How To $ucceed In Voice Overs Even If You’re Just A Beginner

 I sat down with Voice Over coaches Diana Lote and Eileen Schellhorn in NYC from to discuss voiceOvers, actingm Casting, and “networking:

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What If The Universe Told You THIS About Your Acting Career?

What If The Universe Told You This?

(This is probably one my most sharingest posts; if you believe in helping other people, I think you’ll share this one.)


We are all trying to get paid to do what we love doing, right?

And that idea is a great one, but here’s something I was asked, and the answer I came up with:

What if you NEVER got paid to act?

I mean NEVER.

The Creator Of The Universe came to you and said; “No matter what you do, you will NEVER be paid as an actor”

Nope- not background,

not promotional work,

not kids birthday parties-


Would you still want to do it?

“Of course!” Was my answer.

And for a brief second, I was terrified at the prospect.

I mean, what am I doing?

Why would life be so cruel as to make me enjoy doing something so much, and make me have an affinity for doing it for people, and yet NEVER allow me to earn a living doing it?

I mean… it happens, right?

I know lots and lots of people who not only love acting and performing, but who are actually natural-born talents at it.

Like genius-level performers

and yet they are at a desk, never performing for anyone except for the few Karaoke nights they get to go to.

And afterward, everyone comes up to them and tells that they they should be on American Idol or on Broadway or something.

How incredibly sad I thought.

Will that be me?

Is it already?

But then I looked at it differently.

How could knowing that I would never be paid to act be an actual BLESSING?

I mean, wouldn’t I then be FREE from the question?

I could be FREE from the fear of failure, or the fear of success!

What a LIBERATING thought!

I would NEVER, EVER be paid to act, and so I could do it for free ALL THE TIME, right?

I mean- I wouldn’t be worried about my “brand”, or worried about “agents”, or whether I’m “Good enough”, or anything like that.

I could be FREE to just DO IT whenever I wanted to.

In bars

In the street,

In the basement of someone’s church

In my own basement.

On YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

I could just DO IT, and GIVE that talent and fun, and light away without EVER having the burden of “marketing” myself, or “networking” with people who might “Do something for me”, or trying to get someone “attached” to some project- or having someone trying to “attach” me…

I was EXCITED!!!

I could ACTUALLY just DO IT!

Oh but wait-

Hold On.

Just slow down Rodriguez.

I guess that would mean that I would have to have some job the rest of my life then, and I could do all that stuff I want after work.

I’d waste a third of my life at an 8-hour job just to pay bills, so I could then do all the stuff I actually wanna do.




I were RICH.

I mean right?

If I were rich, then I could just do all that stuff and not worry about the money at all.

Can I marry someone rich?

I mean- that could be the greatest acting gig of all time! I could just marry someone who-

Oh wait-

Hold On.

I’m not really that cute.

I mean, you kinda have to be a woman… a YOUNG woman, and cute and I’m not any of those.


Nah- too expensive, and then you’d have to be rich to get the surgery, and it’s a whole terrible cycle.

But wait a sec-

I don’t actually need to be RICH, do I?

What if I just had the same salary from my job magically appear in my bank account everyday?

What if the same $200 a day I make at the job just came into my bank account everyday whether I did anything or not?

Wouldn’t THAT be a great thing?

But how could I do that?

Oh! I know!

This thing that I keep seeing other actors talking about.

This “No More Waiters” thing- What is it called?

How to build your acting business without a day job?”

The guy is talking about “Online Vending machines”

That sounds like bullshit.

And it’s like $1000 for the 4-week class!

I mean, if he’s so great, why doesn’t he just give it away?

I’ll bet it’s because that’s how HE earns his $200 a day- so HE can be free.

Making money by selling something online to actors who want to know it..

What a scamming, jerk of a – WAIT A SECOND!!

That’s what he teaches!!!!


Oh! That makes sense!

THAT’S why there are all those testimonials!

He is an actor who learned to sell stuff online, and so he hasn’t had a day job in 15 years.

And he’s been an actor the whole time!

And then he turns around and shows ME how to create my own income stream, so I can do the same thing!

OH!! Well, I’m THRILLED to buy his stuff then!

Because even if I NEVER got paid to act, if I were making money anyway…

I would NEVER have to quit!

I would NEVER have to say “Oh, I tried, but I quit”, or “I WAS an actor once”, or anything like that!

I could just DO IT and get paid anyway.

And who knows- maybe with all of that time on my hands from NOT working a day job, maybe I’ll actually start promoting my acting business for real, and maybe get called into a few auditions…

and… well… who knows?

Maybe The Universe is trying to tell me something I didn’t expect!

(These are the thoughts that led me to create my lifestyle and for others)

Watch my video about how I do it:


[Video] A Dangerous Trend For Actors Who Want To Be Professionals

You may not realize it yet, but if you’ve spent any amount of time going through the trades, pouring over casting notices, or talking to your agent, you may have noticed a dangerous trend going through this business they call show.

It may seem harmless, and it started out as a simple enough change. But lately, this little, fun idea has begun to slowly but surely eat away at the very core of the acting profession.

Watch the video:



That’s right- even though I believe #ActorsAreRealPeople, it doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what the marketplace is buying.

So what if you went to Juliard?

So what if you have a monologue that could bring a statue to tears.

They want something else.

So here’s what can you do to BREAK OUT and make sure that you don’t starve while waiting for your big break:


How Ryan Reynolds Gets A Superhero Body

I got a special gift for my subscribers, but really- this is about getting a hot body.

Ryan Reynolds is starring in one of the most popular Rated-R movies ever- Deadpool:

But it’s not the first time he’s played a super hero,

He had some great weirdo hero body in Green Lantern (even though, why did he do all that work if they were just gonna CGI the whole thing anyway?) and if you can remember Blade 3, he was pretty JACKED up in that too.

So, in one crazy three-month burst, he worked out 6 days a week, ate 3,200 calories a day, and gained 25 pounds of muscle.

That’s a lot.

I’ll show you the workout in a minute, but if you’re going to gain quality muscle, you need a high-quality protein that doesn’t spike your sugar levels like BioTrust Low-Carb Whey Protein.

And guess what?

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Every workout begins with a 20-minute ab workout. Here is a sample circuit. Do one of each set, then repeat 4 times:


Exercise Reps
Decline Bench situps* 15-20
Hanging leg lifts 15-20
Wood chops on cable 15-20



*Use a 10-lb plate held behind the head.



Exercise Reps
Swiss Ball crunches 15-20
Decline Bench Body Bar twists* 15-20
The Wheel from Knees** 15-20




*As you come up, twist the bar to your right side then go back, but only extend about 45 degrees, and come up and twist the bar to the left side. if you don’t have a weighted bar, you can hold 7-lb dumbbells in each hand next to your head

**Extend all the way out as far as you can with a one-second pause. return to the top. Doing this from the knees takes pressure off the lower back.


Exercise Sets Reps
Walking lunges* 3-4 52

*45-pound dumbbells in each hand, 26 paces down, 26 paces up.


Exercise Sets Reps
Flat Bench 3 15-20
Incline Bench 3 15-20


More stability and core work to let the muscles recuperate. “i incorporate a lot of plyometrics, TRX [suspension training], BOSU, bands, kickboxing, yoga,” Strom says of his client’s routine, “so his body doesn’t acclimate and his mind doesn’t become stale.”


you need a good source of protein, and here’s proof that I use it:

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