For Actors, The Struggle Is Real- Here’s The 5 Pictures That Prove it

Everyone knows that the acting business is tough, and most people quit before they ever make any real money. These 5 pictures may make you feel better, and there’s even one guy’s solution to how he beat the system:


But it doesn’t have to be like that-

I watched a video that taught me how to make money without ever needing a job

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Headshot Meme

It also taught me how to treat my acting career as a

Business, and since then I have gone full-time.


Since I was free from working a job, I met agents,

casting directors, and started going on auditions


 What would YOU do with your acting career if you 

didn’t have to work a day job?



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Here’s For Your F*cking Conscience, and Your 3rd Party Bullshit.

I have several friends who are the hippiest of the hippies, and I love you all.

I have been having several conversations with you lately, being as patient and understanding as I can because you’re the good people.

The ones who want to bring the world better.

You want the world to do better and to be better.

And I have been keeping a lot of my truth from you in order to best see things from your perspective.

So this letter is to bring you my perspective; or at least, a different perspective.

Here’s what I mean….
Yes, you feel that Hillary is evil, and that Trump is evil, so you don’t see much of a difference. What you want is for something different.
What you want is for some American leader to stop wars, fighting, and maybe actually help the world come together.
Enter the dream of the third party.
It’s a great dream.
I’m for it too.
I think most people are.
You don’t want to have to choose between two evils.
So let me be REAL here.
(Note: I will be using “us”, “we” and “them” interchangeably here.)
For African Americans, EVERY CHOICE IS EVIL.
Every single choice that doesn’t create reparations, bring the black population to an EQUITABLE standing after suffering what is without question the worst crime ever perpetrated on Humanity the world has ever known- is EVIL.
(Yes- worse than the Holocaust.)
The American dream?
AMERICA is evil to the African American.
There’s even no going back to Africa, because THAT has been raped and pillaged by the same people.
EVERY CHOICE is evil to African Americans because there has never been anyone trying to bring equitable justice, or actually make them (us) equal.
But we choose anyway.
Am I overstating? Nope. I’m probably still understating it.
RIGHT NOW, there are republicans all over the southern states making NEW LAWS to make it HARDER for blacks to vote.
Actually trying to prevent Americans from VOTING, which I believe is against the whole fucking point of our democracy.
Actually CLOSING polls in places so that they have to drive 100 miles out, and requiring drivers licenses that match their current address, redistricting their representatives, and other total bullshit- TO PREVENT THEM FROM VOTING.
There are people in arenas CHEERING over the death of Freddie Gray (who was handcuffed, but stll managed to die of a broken spine), while at the same time calling Black Lives Matter a divisive, terrorist hate group all the while yelling “blue lives matter”!

You wanna talk about “lesser of two evils“?
Please bitch- how about you suck up the fucking choice that you DO have, between 2 people trying to protect YOU- even if they are killing other people?
Oh- you don’t like that we bomb the middle east?
Me either.
But America will bomb anyone to keep it’s people on top- even other fucking Americans:
1921- A bunch of whites got mad and killed 400 blacks and destroyed MILLIONS of dollars of black property and businesses. Did you know that? Me either,
Our history calls it a “race riot”, but that’s completely inaccurate just to make it sound two-sided.
It wasn’t.
And nobody went to jail.
Excuse me- nobody WHITE.
And there’s shit like that from the 1400s all the way to Alton Sterling and whoever will get shot this week.
So tell me more about how you don’t like one version of the white person who will keep doing the shit we Americans do.
But that’s how it is.
That’s what is real in 2016, and even though it’s better than in 1916, it still ain’t shit.
But here we are, and some people actually want to go BACKWARDS.
To when American “was” great.
They want to go BACK to 1954- that’s the year the Trump people want to go back to.
Before all these uppity “African Americans” started marching.
But you tell me how you want to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson because they are against fracking.
That’s voting your fucking conscience, is it?
You tell me how your conscience is more bothered by Hillary’s speeches to Wall street than giving the New Wanna Be Nazis a possibility of winning.
While you’re spreading doubt about Hillary to your other white third-partiers, you are giving more and more power to the Wanna Be Nazis.
Who want to ban muslims
Who want to deport immigrants
Who want to “fix” gay people, or put hem back in the closet
Who want to own women’s secuality and bodies
Who want to scream about “White Power” with the power of the President behind them.
But hey- it actually won’t affect you.
You can vote third party, 12th party, or whoever, and you can LOSE all day, and your life won’t change.
You won’t suddenly be told by half the country that they want to BAN YOUR RELIGION.
Or “Monitor” you.
No matter how many white men shoot up innocent victims and CHILDREN, you aren’t getting on a watch list.
So, there’s for your fucking conscience, and your 3rd party bullshit.
Dream about third party in one hand, shit in the other, and whichever comes out first, throw it on your non-white, muslim, and gay neighbors:

Hitler Didn’t Book The Commercial, And Why You Aren’t Successful Yet.

Many people know that Hitler was a failed painter, but what you may have missed is that he was also a commercial actor!
This is a hilarious take on the “Hitler finds out” meme, especially for actors.

But AFTER the video, read the article about success and happiness- pretty fascinating.


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If lately you’ve been struggling to achieve your goals and manifest your desires…

Then you have GOT to see this new neuroscience study from Stanford University.

It revealed why success comes so easily to some people… while others slave away their whole lives without results. And it’s uncovered the secret “Brain Elevation…


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[Video] Beyonce Ain’t Sorry For Twerking With Serena, And Neither Am I [NSFW]

“Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Side Chicks…” Let’s face it, Beyonce is NOT to be f*cked with, middle fingers and all:

This video makes me think that maybe she shouldda seen this video about  the “Dirty Secret Phrase” to keep her man, so “Becky With The Good Hair” didn’t get her chance…

Can You “Cheat-Proof” Your Relationship?
-Felicity Keith

Is there a way to prevent a guy from straying? How can you learn to trust again after being betrayed? Listen as Felicity gives advice in this Q&A about trust and infidelity.

Q: “Hi Felicity – I need some advice. I am in a great relationship, we’ve been going strong for about six months now. I am happy and in love, and he seems just as content.

But the problem is my last boyfriend was a cheater. When I discovered his betrayal, I was devastated. I even swore off love forever. Of course, I eventually got tired of being single, and I met a really great guy through mutual friends.

My new guy is very different, and I love him very much, but I’m terrified he’s going to cheat on me, too. Is there anything I can do to make sure he won’t stray from me and our relationship?”

A: Well, short of locking him in a shed and hiding the key (which I do NOT recommend btw), the harsh answer is no, there isn’t anything you can do to “make sure” he won’t stray.


I can tell you the quickest way to push him away (and possibly encourage him TO stray) is to constantly worry about him cheating.

If you do that, your constant anxiety will come across in your communication, and it will feel like you are saying “I don’t trust you” to him.

After a while, this will  be downright toxic to your relationship. He may even begin to feel like you are accusing him of cheating, feeling guilty when you are innocent builds resentment.

Serious resentment.

I remember when I was a kid and my mom didn’t trust me to not get into the Halloween candy she’d bought in early October. So she hid it (not very well). And she kept tabs on me, and she questioned me, and watched me… You see where I’m going, right?

Finally I figured that since I was being punished for it, I might as well do it. I climbed up to the place she hid it in the hall closet and snatched a big handful.

Obviously cheating is a lot more serious than sneaking a few fun-size chocolate bars…but the result could end up the same. I’m not saying he’s going to run out and cheat. But if he feels like he’s already paying the price for a crime he didn’t commit…well…

My suggestion?

It sounds to me like you have some processing to do from your last relationship. A therapist or counselor can be a great option to help you work through your feelings of betrayal from the past. There are also tons of great books out there that can walk you through the steps of healing and learning to trust again.

And give your new boyfriend the benefit of the doubt. If he gives you no reasons to be distrustful, then for the sake of your relationship, you’ve got to knock it off with your worrying.

Here is the tough reality when it comes to love and cheating: on some level, you have to understand that it is possible you could get cheated on again.

And it will suck big time if it happens. But the good news is you will survive. You made it through before and have even been able to fall in love again.

Now, for some super fun ways to bolster both your emotional and physical connection…it sounds to me like taking a proactive approach to deepening your intimacy is one remedy for your anxiety.

When both partners are feeling really connected to one another the chances of any wandering eyes go way way down. And when you are having a blast in the bedroom, you are focused on each other more than the idea of extra-curriculars.

You may have seen the emails from Mike Fiore about the new program I put together.

In it you will find over 30 techniques specifically designed to not only give you both an awesomely fun sex life, but ways to deepen the emotional intimacy component of your relationship, too.

You can check it out BY GOING TO THIS LINK HERE

Love, Felicity Keith

Attn Coaches: Become The Master; It Is Your Destiny.

I am one of those people who is constantly looking to not only do things better, but actually BE better too.

I take courses, and read books galore, and each piece adds to the great tapestry.

That’s why I am super excited about this new FREE MASTER COURSE from William Wood, who is a world-renowned performance coach.

He’s doing a FREE SEVEN-HOUR Master session to help people get the best from themselves and to coach others to do the same.

I don’t know if there will be a replay, but you can CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP for the event.



The Best Jobs for Actors….Hint: It’s NOT Waiting Tables.

Everyone knows that the acting business is tough, and most people quit before they ever make any real money. It’s like we’re all racing to make money before we have to get “real” jobs and give up.

So what do we ALL do?

  • Waiting tables
  • Walking Dogs
  • Watching Babies
  • Personal Training
  • Uber, Temping, Substitute Teaching, etc, etc, etc


If “Every Actor” does these,
and 98% of people Quit Acting,
Then These MUST be wrong 

Instead, I found a SHORTCUT TO $3,600 per Month:



I read a book that changed the way I thought about making money in general, but it also taught me a TON about acting, and the business of getting acting gigs.

Not the “career” of acting, but the BUSINESS.


In the book, he talks about how to build your acting business without a day job.

In other words, there are NO jobs that are good for actors,
and instead to make money WITHOUT a job at all.


It was new information to me because I was taught to keep getting “better” as an actor, and I’d be “discovered” if I kept doing free shows and working some “survival job” at night.

But that advice came from TEACHERS who were NOT professional actors.

They had day jobs.

If they had been professionals, they would teach something different, like how to actually GET WORK instead of just more and more “craft”.

So, when you think about what kind of “jobs” are good for actors, I learned that NO job is good because you have to trade your time for it.

So I recommend you CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW AND WATCH THE VIDEO let it actually CHANGE what you think you know!


Oh- and buy the platinum course!


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Because you’re not a douche, you want to help other actors too.

P.S.- There will be doubters and skeptical wanna-bes who will comment without even reading this post, or reading the book. They are failures. Choose who you listen to wisely.

NBC’s Talent Infusion Program- Submissions

Make sure you share this:


The NY Scene Showcase casting call for actors is OPEN. See details below.


As part of its ongoing commitment to diversity, NBCUniversal will produce a live performance Scene Showcase in June in Los Angeles, and September in New York City. The showcase intends to feature actors, writers and directors of diverse backgrounds, including LGBTQ actors and Performers with Disabilities. The one-day live theatrical showcase is performed for executives, producers, casting directors, and other industry professionals.

**The NY Scene Showcase casting call for actors is OPEN. See details below.**

**The LA Scene Showcase casting call for actors is CLOSED**

**2016 Scene Showcase scene submissions from writers are CLOSED**



Stage One:  Script Selection (Writers)

Once a year, we put out an open call for scripts to be performed live in front of an audience.
We accept two types of scripts: comedy scenes and dramatic monologues.


  • There should be no more than two actors in the scene (and no less).
  • The scene should be five minutes long (4-6 pages, standard script format).
  • The piece should be stand-alone; it shouldn’t feel like an excerpt from a longer piece, and should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • Given that these scenes are meant to be performed on a stage in front of a live audience, special effects should be kept to a minimum.


  • As it is a monologue, it should be written for ONE actor.
  • The monologue should be 1-2 minutes long.
  • The piece should be able to stand alone.


Stage Two: Casting (Actors)

**The NY Scene Showcase casting call is OPEN.**

Actors should prepare a self-taped audition, reading part of one of our selected scenes. Instructions to submit are below:

SEEKING: [ETHNICALLY DIVERSE & MULTI-CULTURAL MEN & WOMEN] can portray 18 – 55 yrs old,  specifically actors with strong comedic ability and timing. Submit All Ethnicities. MUST BE LOCAL NY RESIDENT ONLY & AVAILABLE FOR MANDATORY AUG & SEPT REHEARSALS

DEADLINE: MAY 30, 2016 at 6pm ET

This is a REQUEST TO SELF TAPE your Audition. Sides available at Sides Express and Showfax under NY PLAYS as: ‘NBC SCENE SHOWCASE 2016’ SIDES CODE: N3263

Review ALL ten (10) scene options provided, then Choose & Prepare ONLY one (1) of the roles.


NOTE: Any gender, age or relationship can be modified for audition purposes, to suit you, as long as the humor is still maintained. i.e.: If the scene is currently written as a male character, you can choose to portray it as a female. If written as a husband, you can portray it as a wife, straight to gay, 20s to 50s, etc.

Please note: Registration on is free, but Actors Access charges $3 to upload a video.


Stage Three: Rehearsals (Directors & Actors)

Once we cast actors, we will hire directors.  They are typically selected from our pool of directors from the NBCUniversal Emerging Director Programfinalists and award-winning NBCUniversal Short Film Festival directors.

Stage Four: Showcase

A live theatrical showcase will take place once in Los Angeles, and once in New York.  These two showcases have separate casts and directors.


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Project Titan

What do YOU want to do with YOUR life?

Enter HERE to learn more about PROJECT TITAN

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Private Video


this information is reserved for members who agree NEVER to share what is revealed on this upcoming LIVE workshop happening this week… because only live attendees will receive a plan of action which potentially makes you $5000 in the next 21 days…


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All it took was one simple tweak from our PROJECT TITAN TRAINING.

Not even a tweak, it was an entire profit center around an idea that 9 out of our 10 coaches hadn’t considered.

Coaching is the #2 growth industry in the country, and since we’ve been moving more and more towards a service economy, many, many people are becoming coaches.

But when you really want to help someone, sometimes it can be hard to make money doing it…





What Kinds of Coaches Use PROJECT TITAN?

Life coaches

Spiritual Coaches

Academic Coaches

Fitness coaches

Financial Coaches

Career coaches

Emotional coaches

Marriage Coaches

There are literally hundreds of kinds of coaches sprouting up all over, and many of them have some great expertise in their niche.

But they’re broke.

When they get clients, they give them a lot of value, and help change people’s lives, which is a wonderful feeling, and what we’re supposed to be doing with our lives.

So what’s the catch?



Finding clients.

Finding clients who pay.

Finding Clients who pay money.

Finding clients who pay money and do the work

Finding clients who pay money, do the work, and tell their friends so that you don’t have to go out and find clients again!

The thing is, that the work in being a coach is two-fold…



It’s not doing the job of helping people,

it’s GETTING the job of helping people.

Being a coach is more than just being someone who can help people’s lives dramatically in your field.

It’s having a business

It’s being in business for yourself

And most coaches haven’t gone to business school.

Even if they have, the business they teach isn’t about owning your own “solopreneur” business.

This is quite a revelation to many coaches, and when they find out and pursue the business side of coaching, they find that there are a lot of things they need:

Websites, marketing, systems, meetings, email lists, promotional materials, etc, etc, etc.

And even the coaches who successfully do all of this, the ones who get clients, change lives, and make money are STILL missing this one important profit center idea.

Let me repeat that:



So, if you’d like a better game plan for your business, a way to have all of these systems and marketing automated and created for you in an easy-to-use format- As well as the ONE blind-spot profit-center idea that most coaches miss,


You must sign a Non-Disclosure agreement for our proprietary system that will be coming out in June.

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