Oh! I’m learning How To Make Money By Blogging…? Oh!

I always wanted to know How To Make Money By Blogging…

But figured the money was too small… gee look- I got 50 cents from some people clicking my ads… great…

But I joined the Empower Network because I had seen it as an affiliate marketing website, that had a great commission structure, and fantastic tools. BUT-

I totally didn’t understand what was going on here.

The Empower Network is a BLOGGING platform, and so we are just using it the way other bloggers make money by blogging– by getting traffic to it, and hoping that people click on their links, or buy whatever it is they sell.

The thing is, ONE of the things we can choose to sell on our blog is the BLOGGING SYSTEM and the MARKETING education… and it’s RESIDUAL And pays REALLY WELL.

See, I have a few friends who write, and they post to blogs, and they write some really cool stuff all in the hopes that someone is reading it. They hope that people pass around their posts, and “Hey- wouldn’t it be GREAT if someone actually clicked on the Adsense links I have there and bought something every once in a while?”

Well sure- and they’d make a few cents, but hopefully a post or two go crazy, and they get a lot of clicks. But here’s the thing- with Empower Network, they can actually earn a TON of money because of the way the system is all set up!

PLUS, it’ll teach them HOW to get eyeballs on the blog!

Oh! It really IS How To Make Money By Blogging!

So, if I like making stupid videos (and I do!), and I like writing stuff (and I do!), then why not just use the Empower Network Blog, and use the education to make it popular (which I want anyway), and then actually create some GANGSTA money doing it? Duh! This thing is brilliant.

I didn’t get that until just now. JUST NOW.

So, all this time I’ve been writing blogs, not realizing that I was actually going to Make Money By Blogging instead of just blogging and “hoping”… like this guy:

So, Let’s get to the content!

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