Let’s Do This Thing!

Welcome to my Blog!

I am Bones Rodriguez, and I am an actor, author and entrepreneur born and raised in New York City where I live with my wife and son.

I started this blog because someone showed me the two videos on this page.

I learned a pretty big idea on the first one, and it made me want to spend my money differently. Maybe you’ll have the same feeling:

So after watching that video, I made a decision that I was going to actively look for what the rich buy.

Thats when I watched this video, and I knew I was on the right path:

I was pretty excited after watching that video, but I was skeptical about the whole thing. 

That’s why I clicked on the banner to the right, and everything made perfect sense to me. That’s why I started this blog!

Click the button on the right with David Wood and choose which type of person you want to be.

I made my choice- See you inside!

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