I’m Giving Away 100 Packages of $324, and I’m Terrified.

I’m pretty terrified of this idea.
But I’ve been listening to Neale Donald Walsch and he says that I have to help other people have more success.
I want you to have MORE success with my stuff.
I want you to make money without a day job, and I know that the FIRST time
you do can change your LIFE.$20 CHANGED MY LIFE.
But I also know that just giving you the information doesn’t necessarily
help, because it’s hard to do everything by yourself in a vacuum.
So- I’m offering a FREEE 3-SESSION BLOGGING MASTERMIND (Normally $297 right HERE) and copies of No More Waiters to those who qualify-
That’s $324 of stuff.
I’m giving away for free.

And 100 winners is my goal.
So, I’m basically giving away $32,400.That’s why I’m scared…. am I about to RUIN my business by giving it all away?
Or will the Universe reward me by helping others?
Starting tomorrow, I’m going to send out the first video lesson, and at the end
of the series, if you follow my directions, you will get a HUGE education
in making money, copies of the book and videos, and possibly
earn yourself MONEY by the end of the week.

I have never tried anything like this,

and I hope it excites you because I’m a little scared
that I am about to RUIN my entire business with this giveaway!
You can sign up to get the emails here- http://www.NoMoreWaiters.com/Free/

Stay tuned for tomorrow!
(Take a deep breath, Bones!)

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