Ring, Ring! “Hello, It’s GOD.” That’s when I knew I had done it.

Can you imagine getting a call from GOD one day?

On your cell phone?

Well, it didn’t wuite happen that way for Neale Donald Walsch, but you have to hear his story…


If you’re a spiritual person like me who’s made progress in some areas

of your life, but want to make it all work together…


I’ve got some great news for us!


Neale Donald Walsch, bestselling author of the

“Conversations with God” series of books is doing a FREE online master class!


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Overcome the #1 Spiritual Obstacle to Manifesting
Your Highest Hopes in 2016


Many of you know that I am an HUGE fan of Neale Donald Walsch, and I have ALL of his books, in the “spiritual” section of my library.

I have SEVERAL of his recordings on my phone, and listen to them often.

I even have a few videos on YouTube Channel where I have read sections of his books aloud!

I can’t recommend his books enough, and this free online masterclass is EXCITING to me!

Click Here To Register Now- I’ve already done it!


I always leave with a new understanding, or some excellent new ideas to use in my every day life- some have been MIRACULOUSLY effective.

Do whatever you can to attend this LIVE class, because he always takes questions live, and some of the answers may astound you.


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Online Masterclass

This is the agenda for the class:

During Neale’s Online Masterclass, you’ll discover…


● How to experience freedom from anxiety, worry,

depression and fear in your relationships, finances,

health, career, spiritual connection, and confidence.

● How to transform your mistakes into miracles that help

you grow.

● How to become so magnetic to others that they will

want to get to know you and be your friend.

● How to become so confident and charismatic that

employers will want to hire you for just the right job.

● Step-by-step tools that can help you to be profoundly

happy, totally self-fulfilled, and completely spiritually

aware…regardless of your exterior circumstances.

● The surprising spiritual secret behind manifesting

whatever you choose.


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Highest Hopes 

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,



P.S. As long as you register for the event, you’ll be able to

listen live and/or download the recordings later!


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