How to Sell Cold Water to Hot People

It’s 90 degrees in New York City, and the tourists are melting.

They rent bikes, go for rides in the park, and can barely make it up the hills while trying out their brand new selfie-stick they bought to impress the social media world.

They’re tired, sweating, and need refreshment.

So why aren’t they buying your water and gatorade?

I biked past these two guys on my way to the gym several weeks ago, and I felt compelled to stop them and give them some tips on street selling.

Street selling takes guts, energy, and persistence.

These two kids had all of those.

But they were lacking IMAGINATION.

I say that because they were doing the same ol’ “Water, Gatorade here” chant that they have heard other people do when selling their water to random people in the street.

The problem is, that when you sound like the other guy, you don’t get heard.

And frankly, when you sound like the other guy who kinda sounds a littleĀ “this-is-new-york-and-there-are-thieves-and-scams-everywhere”, the tourists would rather not take that chance.

Y’know what I mean, it’s the same tone of:

“‘Scuse me ladies and gen-lemen,

but ah’m sellin’ candy for mah baske-bawl team”,


with a look of threat, or boredom, or like he hates doing it.

The guard goes up, and the disbelief is instant: “This kid is lying, scamming, and I don’t trust him- don’t buy”

If you hear a “meow”, you assume it’s a cat.

So, I told them that if they want better results, they can’t sound like those other guys.

If you want people to buy your stuff you gotta:




Make ‘EM Laugh!



…And sell them some water!

(It’s also how I got you to read this post- A funny title, a provocative picture… see?)


Then we got to talking about why I had this advice for them, and they prospected me for their Forex MLM, which I was glad to see that they were interested in doing it, AND that they had the guts to prospect me.

I explained that I used to do Amway back in the day, and that now I sell my own courses, books, and trainings.

We ended up talking for a while, and I really enjoyed inspiring them to keep on the path of self-improvement and settings goals and dreams.

The talk actually inspired ME some more.

If you want something in life, GIVE IT to people, and you will experience having it!!


So- next time you see someone with some potential, INSPIRE THEM to do better- it may make YOU even better!


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