(Blog) How To FINALLY Get An Acting Agent!

***Note: This is an excerpt from Lisa Gold’s Amazing Course “How To Get And Keep An Agent“, and I have printed some of the first lesson here, because it’s WORTH sharing!***

Imagine this for a minute:

You’ve been performing, rehearsing, and working hard on marketing yourself with the help of a business coach, looking for an agent either for commercials, TV and Film, or stage.

Then… an agent calls you.

They liked your marketing tools.
They liked what was on your resume.
You are a possible fit for their talent pool and they are calling you in.

So let’s make sure you’re prepared because this is a real opportunity.

“Where PREPARATION meets opportunity
– that’s called a Big Break!”-Lisa Gold

None of that other airy fairy stuff you’ve heard.

Sometimes you’re prepared and there’s no opportunity…sometimes there’s an opportunity, and you’re not prepared.

This is your job as an actor…to make sure you have BOTH.

So the first thing that I recommend you get ready with NOW is your performance material to show your stuff. What stuff?

Your ACTING chops, of course.

New York and Los Angeles are different in what agents like to see and hear but I always suggest you have two contrasting, one-minute monologues in your arsenal of repertoire.

One minute or less is best.

Why, you ask? Because this is the “YouTube Generation” and how do YOU operate when somebody sends you a video?

We have short attention spans these days. You’ll click on it and about 30-40 seconds in, you’re going to make a decision whether or not you want to watch the rest of the three minute video-


Now, imagine being an agent watching monologues all day long, or several in a row and how many times they wish they could be “clicking off”. So keep it short and sweet.

If you’re not a fit or they don’t like your work, then there’s not time for that icky “wish they would stop” vibe. And if they’re LOVING you and it ends too soon, you’ll leave them wanting more.

Yes, that’s the ticket! ONE Minute or less.


Do you need to do a comedic and
dramatic monologue as a contrast?
No, no, no, no, no.

Did you get that?


Very few people are excellent at both.
Go with your strength.

You CAN find two contrasting monologues within an arena (archetype of character) that you would most likely be playing. And what you’d most likely be playing is WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.

I know, I know- you have “range”, and you’ve be trained to become “anybody”, but that’s not what an Agent wants to see- they want to see how they can SELL you.

What agents are really looking for when watching you do a monologue or a scene is something interesting. You needn’t make them laugh out loud or have tears in their eyes, you only need to hold their attention.

This translates later to holding the audience’s attention that bought the ticket to see you perform.

THAT’s what an agent is looking for.

And by the way, you must KNOW these monologues backwards and forwards. Absolutely down pat.
No exceptions.
This way, if you are nervous or a bit frightened, you have your memory to rely on. Don’t try out a new monologue in an agent’s office. Save it for class.

You also need to have your cold reading skills in excellent shape.

Having the ability to connect with either a reader or the agent directly is key. You can mess up the words as long as you are communicating the essence of the text and the meaning of the scene.

They want to “feel” you ARE this character, and not “acting” like the character.


Be PREPARED with great audition material.
Keep it short and sweet and have your skills sharp.
Connect and be interesting.

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