Hillary Clinton FINALLY Tells The Truth About Gays

Hillary Clinton- is this the Truth About Gays?

I was a little upset when I heard that Hillary Clinton was sick; I just got a little scared, because I would like to see her run for president in 2016.

Hillary Clinton Tell the truth about gays

Hillary Clinton Finally Tells the Truth About Gays

Some people think that she’s not a real powerhouse, but I think they must not be paying attention, and I think her husband Bill Clinton will end up being a positive for her campaign.

I saw this infographic from the great people at UPWORTHY about what she thinks is the Truth About Gays, I was really glad to hear that she was feeling better.


What is the Truth About Gays, Hillary Clinton?

For the year or so that I was a born-again Christian, I just assumed that the church knew what it was talking about when it came to being gay and gay people making a choice, and being against God, and thumbing their nose at God, etc… to them this was the truth about gays.

The question of “Choice” was important to me, and I assumed that it made a difference whether or not it’s a choice, but guess what-


Whenever I hear people say “But I was born this way!” it’s like saying “yes, I am doing bad, but I can’t help it!”. But the wrong assumption is thinking that being with the same sex is wrong to begin with. The truth about gays is that the question is invalid to begin with.

The question of “choice” is completely and totally immaterial.

When you completely reject that some 2000 year old book is correct, and then reject that the people interpreting this incorrect book are correct, and instead ask yourself- “what do I think instead?” then WHO CARES whether or not someone is choosing who they have sex with? The “truth about gays” is completely and totally immaterial.

When you understand that there’s no way that there’s a God who punishes people for the ridiculous idea of who they have sex with, you realize just how ridiculous the question is.

I believe that life is about FREEDOM.

And I’m glad that Hillary Clinton realizes that Gays- just like HUMANS- come in all shapes and sizes, and from all over the world.

And That’s the Truth About Gays- And I’m Glad Hillary Clinton Knows it.

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