Here’s The “No Day-Job Actor” Cheat Sheet For Extra Money!

Online Actor Jobs Cheat Sheet


I created this cheat sheet to help other actors make money without waiting tables, walking dogs, or watching babies. I haven’t traded time for money in over 15 years (except acting gigs!) because of opportunities like these.

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Online Writing Jobs- I find that a lot of actors and creative types like to write, and when given an assignment, can really do a good, fast job. There are lots of assignments available, but you have to move fast to get the really great paying ones before someone else.


Affiliate Marketing- If you have read my book, then you know that I am a HUGE fan of affiliate marketing. It means getting paid to send people to a website, and getting paid if they buy something. It is what I teach in my courses, but if you want a great beginner tutorial, I recommend this website


Paid Surveys- Since the internet began, companies have been paying people to take surveys for companies so they know what products to make and sell. Jason Weiss has the best course and system to get people started.


Patrick Chan System- This relates to affiliate marketing, but in this case, you are using a system created by Patrick Chan. He is the author of “Wake Up Millionaire”, and he does almost all of the work for you. The catch here is that you find customers for him… but he pays you really well to do it! This website is a marketing system that creates a blog for you, and teaches you to make money from a blog. THIS IS WHERE I MAKE MOST OF MY MONEY ONLINE. I left it for last because it has a Network Marketing aspect to it that some people don’t like. I like it because it pays me to help other people. Some people don’t like doing that part.




“There Are Two Kinds Of Actors: Those Who Bring The Check To The Table, and Those Who GET THE CHECK In The Mail- Which Do You Want To Be?”



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