Graduation Inspiration: Great speech, with “Super-Sized” Results!

This video will surprise you.

It’s pretty HYPED up, because he believes he’s telling the TRUTH about the world that awaits him.

What a great college graduation speech, and what interesting results:

Maybe it’s time to look further into whether or not having an internet business is all HYPE, or if it’s all TRUTH… or a combination of both.

You see, we have been sold a pack of lies.

Someone told us that if we went to the right schools, that if we got good grades, that if we told us whatever the teacher told us before that we would find success in the world.

That’s why this graduate is so hyped up.

He believed them.

The thing is, the grades you got- especially in these times- have nothing to do with your chances of success in life.

But what if I told you that you could just learn some SKILLS (not facts) and if you applied them, they could pay you forever?


Here is a FACT:

Learning skills is the way to financial success, because every computer in the world is full of facts.

Which means it can replace a fact-knower.

But if you develop some skills that make you valuable, then you will always find success.

And that is TRUTH.

But maybe you really should take a look at this interview, and decide for yourself if it’s all TRUTH or HYPE

Me? I’ve already made my decision.



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