Getting RICH while playing video games…

So here’s the thing:

I have stuff to do, and I don’t have a boss, but I still need to make money, right? I also need to listen to audios and get my mind right and learn new skills…

But HALO 4 came out.

Fortunately for me, I have now figured out that I can play HALO 4 while listening to the audios I get from THE EMPOWER NETWORK, audios that teach me how to markeet and earn money while I’m playing HALO 4.

So, in essence, I get paid to play video games… sorta!

See, what I’m sayin’  is that it all comes  full circle! I slay suckas on the HALO 4 arena, and I get paid while I slay. Just now I was playing a long game of capture the flag, actually getting my butt kicked by some tweens (i’m assuming), but I wass also listening to audios from Lawrence Tam, Tony Rush, and David wood.

I have been making money online for a while now, but I am just super-glad that now I can make money while I’m playing video games! Ha!

Of course, the truth is that there are little 6 and 7 year-olds that are kickin’ my a$$, but at least they will have to go to school!

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