FINALLY! Coca-Cola Gets Honest (sorta)

Can you imagine a commercial where Coca-Cola gets honest?

I dunno who made this video, but I was just chatting on Facebook with someone who was APPALLED that Bloomberg passed a measure to prevent certain stores from selling LARGE quantities of soda.

“Who does he think he is telling me what I can drink!” was the sentiment, and that “Government is becoming a NANNY STATE!” was the outrage he expressed.

I tried to explain that  the limit wasn’t on what you can DRINK, just on what someone could SELL, and that I was all for it because I see Soda as POISON.

The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial – YouTube.

If you can imagine a world where Coca-Cola gets Honest, then you might see why someone might want to put a limit on profiting from POISONING… now Cigarettes are next!

By the way, I definitely drink Coca-Cola, but only about one can a week… and usually with Rum (I’m Cuban)! :-D

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