Dave Wood’s “Sneaky” Way To Make You GO FOR IT- NOW

If you pay attention to the things he says in the video, there are actually a number of SNEAKY ways that he makes you do or want to do something. 

If you’re paying close attention, you’ll hear how he recommends that you GIVE VALUE before you expect to gain anything, and also that you have to JOIN NOW before you can expect to make any money.

The blogging platform is built to be shared, so when you join, it’s just natural that you’ll end up sharing this post, along with whatever else you want to share, just like how you use facebook or twitter already.

Listen carefully to the sneaky language, and then log in, share, and wait for tomorrow’s video- PAY ATTENTION and Get Started Now.

Reblogged From The Majestic Creation Of My Unconscious Mind (message from Dave’s new house)

Badass, isn’t it?

This was my attempt at creating a kind of MTV cribs style video of my new headquarters (house) here in Escazu, Costa Rica.

Let me know what you think of the new place.

Starting now, I’m going to be running a kind of ‘show’ from my house here, indefinitely – with people inside of Empower Network.

I want to teach you guys, something of value – daily.

What I’m going to do, is teach you how (for free) to create the lifestyle that you want to live.

I’m going to be bringing people out from all over the world, and interviewing them on how they create magical results (inside & outside of Empower Network).

Now pay attention as this is important:

If you’re in Empower, I want you to:

  • Come to the blog every day (5 days/week) & watch the videos.
  • Re-blog the videos by hitting the re-blog button.
  • Leave me your thoughts & comments below.

Love ya, and see you in the next video.

David Wood

P.S. Pay close attention to the blog in the coming days and weeks – you’re going to learn something of value every day.

P.P.S. Got your event ticket yet? If not, make a decision– login to the members area, grab your ticket right now and come hang out with us in Miami, I’ll see you there.

-The EN Team


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