Chris Brown Owns 14 Of WHAT?

You know Chris Brown, right?

The multi-platinum singer, dancer, actor who has comeback from beating up then-girlfriend Rihanna?

Whose net worth of 30 million dollars?

He owns 14 things that you probably wouldn’t guess.

You see, I teach actors and artists to Quit Their Day Jobs by having what I call “Online Vending Machines” make money for them instead of having some time-sucking job.

Most actors quit “trying” by age 30 because they get tired of waiting tables, walking dogs, and watching babies in between “trying” to get auditions and bookings.

Day Jobs Suck.

So when I tell them that I have been a full-time actor for over 15 years because I have my own income streams online, I think I’m being practical, helpful, and kinda charitable.

But some don’t get it.

They think that I’m “conning poor actors out of their money” because I sell my courses online- teaching them EXACTLY what they can do too.

For the price of a New York Drink, you can learn to quit your day job.

Some people complain, but I find that the more successful actors LOVE my books and courses, appreciate the work I do, and give me great testimonials.

Enter Chris Brown.

See Chris Brown is a multi-millionaire recording artists, but what you don’t know is that he makes $14 million dollars a year because he owns…


That’s right- an artists who makes more money than all of my detractors combined owns 14 burger kings because they make him money to own them.

Chris brown doesn’t flip burgers- the restaurants make him money while he is singing and dancing.

Just like my “online vending machines” make me money.

Britney Spears has a perfume. Because her perfumes make her money with she is singing and dancing.

Or when she’s NOT Singing and dancing.

Does that make sense?.

Isn’t that something you think smart actors and artists should learn about?

Me too!

So, I teach it to them.

So next time one of the “starving artists” tells you that they’re broke, send them over to my website.

Do you think it will change their perspective?

Probably not, a lot of them just wanna stay asleep and say “Don’t wake me up” (That was a Chris Brown Joke), but for those who DO wanna WAKE UP:


And for a FREE On-Demand Webinar on how to make money like burger kings: 


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