Top 10 Time-Saving Computer Hacks- TED talk

I totally learned a few ways o cut down on my typing and scrolling, and whatever the hell else.


I had no idea about it, but I DID know about the "State" form fill! Check them out, totally worth the time, because you'll save some in the future!

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“Half Assed is BETTER Than Whole”- New York Times


That’s right people, I’ve been vindicated by none other than the New York Times.

Although not in those words…

The article says that after a long study that a bunch of women worked out in groups- some at twice a week, some at four times, and some at six.

And at the end, the twice and four times a week groups got BETTER RESULTS than the 6 times a week women.

As I wrote about in Half-Assed Health- How To Look Good Naked WITHOUIT Starving, Suffering, or Surgery, 3 times a week is ideal, and you do NOT need to kill yourself doing it.
When are you going to stop acting like it’s so HARD to work out, when it’s not-

You can LOOK GOOD NAKED within 90 days, from almost any point- and MY BOOK will help you do that without killing yourself over it. I only work out 3 times a week, and today I had 2 donuts, and 5 Munchkins… by myself!


How To Make Any Woman Touch Herself… THERE.

Woman Touch Herself

How To Get Any Woman To Touch Herself

Men Touch themselves all the time… This is How To Make Any Woman Touch Herself… There.

Some women require a little bit of time, some need some coaching and a feeling of safety.

But some just need a new secret guy to ask her:

I can’t say I’m not jealous… I am definitely jealous, but hey- it’s for a good cause, right?

I mean, this may be an even better aphrodisiac than making a lot of money with this simple blogging system!

Ladies- Share this post with your women friends… and get a woman to touch herself.

Men- If you care, you’ll share this, and make  your woman touch herself.

And um…. feel free to send me pictures!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day At Home Workout- Get To The Mountaintop!

Martin Luther King Day Workout

Martin Luther King Day Workout


Martin Luther King Jr. Had a Dream… and I had one too- about your butt.

Hopefully, you had the same dream: it was tight, taught, and shapely. This at home butt workout will be similar to the Hurricane Sandy Workout I posted a while ago, but this one is to be done on Martin Luther King Jr. Day- January 21st.

Get To The Mountaintop, bitches.

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day At-Home Workout will be tough, but doable; tiring, but fun.

As I wrote in “Half-Assed Health- How To Look Good Naked WITHOUT Starving, Suffering, or Surgery“, I don’t believe in long workouts, but instead in making sure you are exerting strength and using the large muscle groups to complete your workout.

I also write about habits like walking, and taking the stairs 2 at a time instead of taking an escalator- there is even an elevator AT THE GYM!

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you can’t see the whole staircase”

See? Even MLK thinks you should take the stairs!

The Martin Luther King Jr. Day At-Home Workout

It’s the usual At-Home Workout that I posted before– 10 circuits of 10 crunches, 10 push-ups, 10 squats, and 5 pull-ups. That’ll come to 100 of each, and 50 Pull-ups- plenty to engage all of your muscles, and work your heart.

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle”

That means getcho ass up and get to work, Fattie!

Could YOU use a “Scoop of Sexy”?

See, I’m NOT talking about having willpower, or fighting the good things in life, I’m talking about where your energy for your life is going. If you’re spending all your time reading labels, counting calories, and obsessing about who endorses what, how can you have time to enjoy LIFE?

Now I know it seems like I’m telling you that now you have to buy that book, but that’s not why I told you all of that.

I told you all of that so we can get to this:

  • Most people eat too damn much. 
  • Most people eat too damn much of the wrong damn stuff.
  • Most people eat too damn much of the wrong damn stuff too damn often.

What does EVERY DOCTOR say we need to do?

They always say that you should eat five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables.

Yes, more fruits and vegetables… but five to nine servings?

If you’re like me (and the rest of the 91% of people), there’s just no way I have the time or energy to get that much healthy stuff together, much less have it everyday five to nine times.


And if you can, then you know it takes a long time between shopping, washing, chopping, peeling, juicing, and then cleaning up after all of that.

(Not to mention how EXPENSIVE it is to do all of that!)

But if you want to look good and be sexy, then there’s just one rule:

You may have heard of it from Tony Robbins, or some of the body builder people, or just the health nuts who hug trees and save flies from spider webs, but the way that they get all the good stuff in is by having what is known as a “GREEN DRINK”.

It seems that all of those different people agree that drinking a green drink is a fantastic way to get all of the nutrition in your body without taking up too much time, and it costs HUNDREDS of dollars less than buying each of the ingredients themselves.

That made a lot of sense to me, and I’ve been having a green drink everyday for a few years now, and I am far healthier than I was when I started. So, a friend of a friend who runs a big-time vitamin company asked me what I would want to create so I could take it everyday.


We came up with SCOOP OF SEXY!

You have to check out these ingredients-

(Click To See The Label)

All of these vitamin-and-mineral-packed plants provide you with so many benefits I didn’t want to waste time and energy writing them all here- let’s face it- you weren’t going to read them all anyway.

However, in short, they all work together to detoxify the body, get cholesterol in check, alkalize the system, flush the liver (the hardest working organ in the body) and provide you with the elements your body needs to heal and repair itself fully.

Instead of trying to put together all sorts of meals everyday, you can feel assured that you’re getting a lot of your nutrition in just one sitting with Scoop Of Sexy.

-And it saves you money!

Each serving of Scoop Of Sexy gives you a mixture of 27 super foods and vital nutrients. While you may get all these super foods separately, it’s practically impossible to eat them all every day. Not to mention you’d have to eat pounds of them everyday to get the same benefits in just one Scoop Of Sexy serving. Obviously, it would also cost a ton more!

Think about it. How much does it cost to buy six to nine servings of fruits and vegetables EVERYDAY?

Well, if you went to your local supermarket and bought all these foods, it could easily cost you over $150 a month. And if you went to a leading natural food chain, it would probably cost you twice as much.

But Scoop Of Sexy only comes to $30 for a month’s supply, so it’s about $1 a day!

That’s a great value, isn’t it?


Yes, I want you to get Sexy, and Yes, I want you to do it By Scoop Of Sexy.

Just mix some into some juice, and you’ll start the day with your nutrients already taken care of! It doesn’t mean you should go out and cheeseburger it up the rest of the day, but it means that you are doing better than you did before.

Better towards SEXY Baby!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I already take vitamins, why do I need Scoop of Sexy?

Scoop of Sexy is FOOD. It isn’t a bunch of chemicals that are supposed to do something super-special. It is a scoop of the actual fruits and vegetables that nature put on this planet to feed you correctly.
It’s not “parts” of the plants, or “isolates” and that kind of thing- so it hasn’t been stripped of it’s benefitsin some process.

For optimal health, there’s nothing better than nutrient-rich, unprocessed whole foods in their balanced, natural state, like those found in Scoop of Sexy.

Ok,I want to be MUCH healthier, and in an easy way- BUT how does it

Look, I really think that if you’re asking the “Taste” question, you’re not paying attention to the right thing. “Taste” is what makes you FAT, UGLY, and SICK. Twinkies “Taste”  great, but they are POISON to your body- and you know it.

That being said, I’ll tell you how it tastes- it tastes HEALTHY. When you open the can, you’ll be hit with a strong smell of fresh cut grass, which can be powerful.

That means if you drink it in a glass of water… it’s gross (LOL!).

HOWEVER, if you have it in some juice, it tastes really good. Personally, I make this smoothie almost EVERY MORNING:




If you don’t eat THIS everyday:

Then just having ONE SCOOP OF SEXY serving a day will make an huge difference in your health, and you deserve to be as healthy as possible without the craziness!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Perfect Breakfast To Look Good Naked?

The Perfect BreakfastWhat is the Perfect Breakfast?

Ok, so I know that many people are on the go, and they just want something to eat before they have to be wherever they’re going, and if it does the job then great.

But I also know that many people have coffee because they want an energy boost to start the day, so they can start making money at whatever they’re doing.

Well what if you could eat something that were quick, easy, and gave you that boost that also prevents you from being hungry for hours, was easy to digest, and was actually HEALTHY for you?

Wouldn’t that be the perfect breakfast?

The Perfect Breakfast To Look Good Naked

The video gives you my recipe for the Perfect Breakfast, and it has everything you need in a meal to get you going- AND provides you with the servings of Fruits and Vegetables you need in the day!

Perfect Breakfast Recipe:

1-2 Cups of Orange Juice

1 Banana (frozen or unfrozen)

1-2 scoops of BIOTRUST Low-Carb Protein Powder

1 Serving of SCOOP OF SEXY Green Drink Powder.

Optional: 3 Frozen Strawberries, small handful of Frozen Blueberries, or any other frozen fruit you’d like to add for taste or variety.

Blend together and drink it down!

Play with your own recipes, but know that the Banana, the BIOTRUST PROTEIN and the SCOOP OF SEXY make the Perfect Breakfast ingredients so that you can go and be Half-Assed Healthy!

Here’s why- The energy you get from the sugars in the fruits are longer-lasting than the carbs you’ll get from a bagel, and the bagel will eventually put a ring around your belly. Not good naked. The Scoop Of Sexy powder will help to detox and rid your body of the build-up of other foods and non-digestibles because of all of the super-greens in it. The protein is high-quality, and will burn longer, staving off hunger.

The Perfect Breakfast

If you’d like to know how else to Look Good Naked, buy a copy of  “Half-Assed Health- How To Look Good Naked WITHOUT Starving, Suffering, or Surgery!” from Amazon.

Looking Good Naked is EASY if you do it Half-Assed!

UPDATE…. I got this numbers this morning:

Your 2013 New Year’s Resolution Workout

It’s January, and your 2013 New Year’s Resolution Workout is here…

And it’s pretty damn simple.

Instead of setting HUGE goals, and trying to lose weight by starving, suffering, or surgery, I’m hooking you up with the super easy, quick workout that can make your 2013 New Year’s Resolution Workout plan achievable.

See, most people end up creating some goals, and then get a HARDCORE book to explain all of the IN-DEPTH exercises and DETAILED eating plans because they are advertised as the “Only” way to lose weight and gain muscle.

But that’s just ADVERTISING. It is just someone trying to manipulate you into buying their thingy by making something SEEM complicated. I have a saying:


That means that you can make more money by telling people that something they are trying to acheive is confusing and difficult. The more difficult something seems to be, the more people think they have to pay to get the solution.

Now guess what? I am selling my book “Half Assed Health- How To Look Good Naked WITHOUT Starving, Suffering, or Surgery” to accomplish your 2013 New Year’s Resolution Workout goals. The thing is, that I am NOT telling you that it will be difficult.

Because it’s not.

I promise- you can workout only 3-4 times a week, and NOT count calories, NOT hurt yourself and be sore all the time, and NOT need a trainer that charges you $100/hour.

So what is The 2013 New Year’s Resolution Workout, Bones?

I’m glad you asked.

It’s the same workout that you would do at ANYTIME.

That means you don’t have stupid “leg days”, or “Arm days” and other nonsensical STUPIDITY that other people try to sell you on.

2013 New Year’s Resolution Workout

You DO NOT have to eat like a bird, or run a freakin’ Marathon to get in shape.

(Actually, I believe that Marathoners have the WORST-looking bodies ever!) and the health benefits are suspect.

When you get a copy of “Half Assed Health”, you won’t be sold some damn $200 DVD set, or anything like it. You will NEVER be asked to buy some other “supplemental” thing, because you DO NOT NEED ANY. The book really is the only thing you need, and a small change to your diet (like a protein powder, and a green drink) will get you in the BEST shape of your life, WITHOUT having to be a slave to some well-marketed:

“2013 New Year’s Resolution Workout”


So, you have a choice- you can do the stupid bullshit from the latest $200 DVD set from slick marketers, or get the ONE workout you EVER need for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.