This Infographic Shows Your Chances of “Making It” As A Musician… And It Ain’t Pretty

I came across this Infographic from an article on “Information Is Beautiful”, and it breaks down the various ways that a musician can make the paltry minimum wage of $1,260 a month.

First of all, I think it’s interesting that the goal in this graphic was to make the minimum wage, as if already giving into the idea that musicians will be poor. However, since that pretty much squares up with most people’s realities, it seems appropriate.

So, here’s the graphic, but then I’m going to tell you about my own theories for musicians as we continue into this digital music age. Here’s a hint: Music has ZERO financial value… and never did.

First, the picture:

To me, the best way would be to sell individual CDs of course, just because of the sheer volume, but some people might feel totally opposite. I think that finding CLOSE, HARD-CORE FANS is the way for a musician to earn money these days.

There’s a lot of talk about finding “1,000 True Fans”, who would pay $100 ayear, or more for a close relationship with an artist. 

The way “Patrons” used to, or the way Patreon does it now.

Because Music has NEVER had any financial value.

Before recorded music, it was only of value to keep people in a bar, or just as entertainment for the masses, and a musician might make money playing some popular song he heard somewhere.

Once recorded music hit, we paid to hear the song, but we paid for the MEDIUM the music was on- record, tape, CD.

Every song cost the same, no matter it’s “quality”- it was the MEDIUM we paid for.

Now that everything is just digital, what exactly are we paying for? I can hear just about any song on YouTube for free, because that’s probably the way I heard it to begin with. 

So what is the modern musician supposed to do?

Create EXPERIENCES for their audience. 

Phish does it- they play different concerts all the time, and they are jam packed. People download special recording, buy album art, clothes. special EVERYTHING.

In fact, if you go see a show live, you get the downloads for FREE.

Smart, right?

And they have cultivated thousands of fans who spend way more than $100 a year with them.

So, there’s my advice- instead of trying to make money with your “notes”, give the people the EXPERIENCES they crave, and that your music can provide.

I wrote more about this HERE, and if you’re a musician who wants to be ahead of the curve for the future and the internet world, I say to start a music-centered blog HERE.

Go make art!!


Entreperformer Tory is on Dr. Oz!

Tory Dube is a Holistic Health Coach and all-around awesome woman whom I met doing a sketch comedy show for my friend Toni Vitale:

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What Successful People Know about dissapointment

Disappointment sucks.

It’s just the worst, and the higher your expectations, and the more excited you are about something, the harder the fall of disappointment.

The more JOY you’re investing, the more GRIEF from the disappointment.

Now, I’ve heard that “attachment to results is the main cause of suffering”, but that’s for another post.

For right now, here’s what I wanted to tell you:

Get excited anyway.

Get joyous anyway.

You see, it’s really easy to dampen your hopes, to play down your enthusiasm, and to mute your excitement just to protect yourself from the soul-crushing, rug-pulling, embarrassment of disappointment.

You get news about something great, but you STOP YOURSELF from getting too excited, or too hopeful, because it’s possible that it might not work out the way you want it to.

So, you ROB YOURSELF of the joy instead… BEFORE disappointment gets it’s chance.

And that means Disappointment has won.

It has beaten you because you bring it along with you and do it’s work for it.

And the worst part- is that sometimes, because you’ve muted your excitement so much, you actually bring about the unwanted results, and get disappointed.

And it grows in strength for the next time.

ow, about the “attachment to results” thing, this is kinda true.

Because there’s a difference between getting excited, and hanging all of your hopes on a single, particular result.

I went with some friends to a Phish concert, after not having heard them live in a while, and the discussion came to what songs we wanted to hear.

One of my friends absolutely HAD to hear something, and was going to be disappointed if he didn’t. Another really hoped they did NOT play something else. When it came to my turn, I really and sincerely couldn’t be disappointed. I was just glad that I was going, and whatever they played would be great…. even Guelah Papyrus, which is my least favorite song.

But in truth, I haven’t heard it in so long, I might actually enjoy it!

Anyway, this has not been one of my most fluid posts (kinda disappointed in it!), but you get the point.

The next time you feel yourself trying to avoid disappointment, remember that it means it has already won!

Beautiful Day in New York City.. well, except for THAT (LOL!)

This was on a beautiful day in New York City, and Laura and I decided to go out for a walk. I thought you might enjoy seeing New York from this perspective, we were at the top of a hill on Cemtral Park West, about 104th Street.

It’s rare that you see this view of New York, and I was kinda just up there feeling grateful for my life that allows me to do this any day, not just Saturday.

… And then Laura spotted that thing.

So, I figured you might laugh at it with me!