Shock! As Americans Bought 21 Million Snoop Dogg Albums, Violent Crime Fell 53 Percent!

Lately, I’ve been very conscious of the crazy ways that the NRA and the Gun Marketers manipulate their audience into believing the craziest things.

I have been pretty Anti-Gun since Sandy Hook, and it really only takes a few minutes to really LOOK at the ways the “pro-gun profiteers” lie, cheat and manipulate the facts to generate more profit from death.

Or more death from profit.

So, someone tagged me on a post from the NRA today, and it was such a glaringly obvious logic fallacy, that I was SURE no one would be so dumb as to believe it.

Here it is:

I was wrong.

Maybe at FIRST look, it goes past your brain, and makes you think “hmm, maybe that’s true…” and then you realize that it is RIDICULOUS.

But here’s the scary part:

The comments underneath it:

These were the comments DIRECTLY under- I didn’t “find” good ones and splice them together. 

There are THOUSAND of these comments.

I mean, is this the type of “responsible gun owner” whose feelings I’m supposed to validate?

Am I supposed to value their opinion about how we make laws to bring down the 32,000 gun deaths a year?

Not only am I disgusted that this fiction was written, but the fact that it was published and promoted on the hyper right-wing propaganda website makes me terrified, and sad for the otherwise good people being turned into slaves for the corporate agenda of gun sales.

They do this to people for profit.

So, I commented for my friend, who “just wanted my opinion” on the “article”:

and so I got to thinking… What else happened since 1993?

Of course, Snoop Dogg came out with “Doggystyle”,

and nothing has been the same since!

Even though “Gangsta Rap” had been around for a bit, it wasn’t until Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre released this crucial cross-over album that has obviously made an impact on the youth.

And of course, the various waving of gang signs, waving of peace signs, and the “Throw ya guns in the air” chants from the likes of ONYX have stemmed the violence throughout the country.

This began the real rap into mainstream, and White rap fans bought the albums in droves, making sales of all gangsta-rap grow significantly throughout the 90’s.

It seems that the same homicidal maniacs who would otherwise have been killing people chose to listen to Snoop Dogg, NWA, Biggie and Tupac instead.

The message is clear:
More Hip-Hop, less crime.


The overarching message is simple—more Snoop Dogg, less crime. Americans have purchased “21 million Snoop Albums” since 1993, and violent crime has decreased as Album ownership has increased.

All hail the DoggFather!!

This Is The Person Responsible For The AME Shooting

There was a shooting last night at a black church, white male about 21 years old.


A kid, really.


Let me explain- This kid is definitely to BLAME for the shooting, and if and when they catch him, there will no doubt he will be put on trial and found guilty of murder and a hate crime.


YOU are Responsible


The NINE dead people are gone- they were innocent victims, and that too is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Because now that this has happened AGAIN, the question is- HOW DO WE STOP IT?

That part is your responsibility.

As in- you get to Choose Your RESPONSE now.

Maybe you really don’t care- you have every right to choose that Response.

Maybe you just think “oh well- if we had armed the people in church, along with the pastor, then maybe he only would have killed 4 or 5 before he was gunned down too”

Maybe you say “That’s enough! We need to look around for a SOLUTION, and find people who have found it.”

Whether or not it fits with your beliefs, or your convictions, or whatever- you want a SOLUTION.

You see, the people who want to END GUN DEATHS have a solution, and it’s very simple:

Make GUNS illegal.

Do you agree? Great- then share this right now. It’s your RESPONSIBILITY to do that- it’s basically the LEAST you can do, and if you are on board with this solution, then SHARE IT.

If you don’t agree with this solution, then you can choose one of the others….
the ones that have already been proven to NOT work.

I would argue that you are then not actually looking for a solution, just looking to make yourself feel better.

Maybe THAT is the response you choose- you have that right too.

Just remember- that after this shooting- and every other- THEY ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

A Unicorn, A Leprechaun, and a Responsible Gun Owner Walk Into A Bar


A Unicorn, A Leprechaun, and a Responsible Gun Owner Walk Into A Bar…

Th bartender says “Hey, you guys just missed The Easter Bunny!”

This not-very-good joke I thought of suggests that there is no such thing as a responsible gun owner. That’s not an insult to gun owners, it’s just that it’s not really possible. The idea that no accidents happen to “responsible” gun owners just isn’t true, so the idea of a “responsible Gun Owner” is just as much of a fantasy as the other characters.

I’ve been on an “anti-Gun” thing lately, and I don’t really know why.

I think I just hit a breaking point where I realized that it had nothing to do with what was “right” or “Wrong” or “Good” or “Bad”, and more just about whether having guns in our society WORKED to help create the society we want.

They just don’t WORK.

I think it was triggered by Mike Dillard, who I thought of as a role model for business. He has a new podcast, and in one of the episodes, he was very pro-gun, and sounding frankly like a nut job. I normally expect to hear reasonable, critical thought from him, and this sounded totally out of the park.

I assumed it was because he chose to get into the “prepper” niche to sell them stuff, and he was just parroting what they say in those marketing pieces. I caused quite a ruckus in the comments section, and he called me an asshole for presuming he was being a “prepper profiteer”.

1- I LOVE that I created that term “Prepper Profiteer”, and

2- Oh well.

All of the points he made in the podcast were just the opposite of reality. hings like “This is the only time in history when people don’t regularly wear a weapon”… and so he felt that was proof that we should. The obvious answer is that it’s a GOOD thing that we don’t do that- it means PROGRESS… I mean… that’s what we WANT, right? Anyway, whatever.

Guns Guns4

Then there have been a few more “accidents”, as well as killings, and I think it just broke my level of tolerance.

So now, if you’ll notice the last few posts, I have been equating being a “Responsible Gun Owner” with bing a “Responsible Drunk Driver”, and how ridiculous that is (even though nobody understood me), and I have been furious on facebook answering people when I suggested that there is NO SUCH THING as a “responsible gun owner”.


Someone needs to have the marketing savvy that the pro-gun people do, and I’m going to take on that challenge for a bit.

Anyway, I paid someone $21 to make this cartoon for me:

Gun control
A Loaded Question

The big problem is that the Pro-Gun people are backed by the gun industry- of course.

There’s MONEY in marketing fear, and then selling the gun-toting solution

Is there money in PEACE? here is, but it doesn’t make any ONE person rich.

I guess I could explain how to make money by promoting this message, but it’s one that isn’t as obvious, and it’s a little round-about. You can click here is you want to understand a little.

Anyway, so here’s my anti-gun post!

People with Guns Kill People

People With Guns Kill People

“People with guns kill people.”
Depending on your point of view, that’s either a pro-gun or anti-gun statement.
And it may color your view on how we should deal with the problem
of gun violence and killing in general in our country.
The entire debate seems to be about which way we can feel the most safe.
Some people say that if guns aren’t allowed at all,
then we can feel safer because no one will have a gun.
Of course, there are illegal guns everywhere, and so the
“bad guys” end up with them whether they are legal or not.
Other people say that when everyone has a gun, we can feel safer
because the “good guys” will be able to stop the “bad guys” 
because he (not she so much) won’t be as invincible.
And finally, some people say that only Law enforcement should have guns,
which is a kind of half-measure because it obviously makes guns more available,
but only for people who are sworn to be “good guys”.
This makes them feel safer.
Whichever way makes you feel safest is the way you might look at a solution.
But let me question that assumption.
That assumption that your feelings about safety are the goal.
Maybe your feelings about which is safest shouldn’t be what we create our laws around.
Maybe instead of looking at things in a “good” and “bad” or
“right” and “wrong” way, we can look at them in a
“Which way Works best, depending on what we’re trying to accomplish” way.
You see, if what you’re trying to accomplish is a “feeling of safety”,
then any or all of these sound like good solutions.
But if instead of relying on your “feelings of safety”,
maybe we should be trying to accomplish something else.
The anti-gun people feel safer because they think that less guns
means it’s less likely that they’ll be shot by one, and yet,
one madman with some armor and a few guns can kill an entire school
full of children without anyone to stop him.
The pro-gun people feel safer with a gun on their hip because they know
that if someone enters a theatre to do harm, that they can stand their ground,
and shoot first. But of course with guns on everyone’s hips, someone’s fears
can turn a child with skittles and a hoodie into a dangerous thug who must be shot.
So, if we’re trying to accomplish a “feeling of safety”, we can see that both sides
of the argument are totally “right”. They both accomplish their objectives
(feeling safer) with their solution.
So, what about if our goal- that thing we’re trying to accomplish- isn’t a “feeling” at all?
What if instead what we chose to accomplish with our laws was… 
LESS GUN-RELATED DEATHS.Less by “bad guys”, less by “good guys”, less by “accident”.

How could we accomplish LESS GUN-RELATED DEATHS?

Can we look at an analogy to find our solution?

What if we wanted to accomplish LESS ABORTIONS.

That’s right- I’m going there.

If what we wanted to accomplish were LESS ABORTIONS,

what would be the best way to accomplish that?Would it be to outlaw it?

Would it be to kill any woman who tried?
Would it be to hand out contraception everywhere and anywhere?
Would it be “morning after” pills for every woman every morning?Actually, no.

The best way to achieve LESS ABORTIONS would be to have ZERO PREGNANCIES.

You can’t have an abortion without a pregnancy!
So- if what we’re trying to accomplish is LESS GUN-RELATED DEATHS,
it seems that the only logical, unemotional, conclusion would be.
Can we ensure guns aren’t made? Nope.
Can we ensure that the “bad guys” wouldn’t get one? Nope.
Can we ensure that a madman wouldn’t get illegal guns and kill a school full of kids?
Nope- just like we didn’t before.But- would disallowing them altogether make those things much harder?

Would the economy around guns take a nose-dive?
Yes.Would we accomplish LESS GUN-RELATED DEATHS?


Is there proof? Yes- look at the countries that have outlawed them. 

Don’t wait for me to tell you- look it up yourself.
I started this by saying that “People with guns kill people.”
So, who’s to blame? The guns? The People?
And what should we do about it?
Ask another question:
What are you trying to accomplish with your answer?