How and Why Some Women Are Becoming “Unstoppable”

It’s 2015, and somehow we’re still talking about why women don’t earn the same as men in some jobs.

Nobody actually thinks that a woman should be paid less for doing the same job, but that’s where the rub is:

Whether or not they are actually doing the same job.

Should a woman who works as a factory worker, who does the same amount of work as a man get paid the same?


But what if she’s a mid-level executive who pushes paper and has no definitive way to qualify her work?

Then it’s questionable.

What if the pay is based on your negotiation skills when the job offer came up?

And what if they person hiring is a man who is captivated by the applicant, and wants to date her, so he offers a lot more money?


Well then- all bets are off, right?

But there’s one place where NONE of that matters:


Women who run their own businesses get paid whatever the market pays them, and they understand this,

And many look forward to this level-playing field.

When you have your own business, you are paid by your results- that’s it.

There are many, many successful woman entrepreneurs and it seems that the field is growing.

One of my friends, Noha Waibsnaider founded PEELED SNACKS back in 2004, and through all sorts of ups and downs and through bearing two children (I can barely manage the one I have!), she has made Peeled Snacks a brand recognized all over the country.

Some people call her “Unstoppable“.

And it’s a trait that many women have.

Especially Moms.

Something about their ability to organize, prioritize, and commit to a goal and a dream of raising a child really translates to the business-owner character.

I’m an Entrepreneur, and a Dad, and I know that I could probably use a little help in these areas!

I just watched a training for entrepreneurs called “The Unstoppable Dream” by two successful home-based business women, Rhonda Swan and Tracy Walker.

It’s a fantastic training on organizing your home-based business, and getting started right away from scratch, all the way to becoming million-dollar earners.

Even with a family.

If you’re anything like me, you want to watch it too.

The bite-size lessons not only break down some of the tactics and strategies, but also the attitudes and perspectives that will help home-based entrepreneurs succeed.

And by the way- Let me re-iterate:

It’s a training not just for “Women” Entrepreneurs, but for ALL Home-based Entrepreneurs who want to succeed further and become UNSTOPPABLE:

I watched it immediately.

If you want to succeed in your own home-based business, even if you have no clue what to do yet, WATCH THIS TRAINING RIGHT NOW, and you will find out:

  • The exact marketing strategies 6 & 7 figure income earners right now to make money,
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It’s only through investing in yourself and your mind that you can become an UNSTOPPABLE Entrepreneur also.



How To Market Your Book, And Make It Into A Business!

Recently, one of my students and clients for No More Waiters wrote a children’s book, and asked me for some advice on promoting it and making money with it.

As I always say: “Making the Art is the easy part- SELLING IT is the hard part”

But I had a bunch of recommendations for her, and since many of my students have created their own books, I thought I’d make a video to help all of them at once:


I have a few points for all of them:

  • Be specific about WHO wants your book
  • BUILD A LIST with your book of people who are interested in your topic
  • Have a website and/or blog for your book where people can sign up on your list
  • Sell the list OTHER things they may be interested n

Here are the member’s books- Buy Them!



And if you’d like to see my kids books as an example to follow:


Finally, if you haven’t written a book yet, but want to do it in 30 days, then I recommend MY own course to do it- it’s super affordable for ANYONE to get started:





How I Finally Got An Agent, Quit My Day Job, and Made $85,000 Acting On TV… And How You Can Too.

Dear Fellow Talented Actor,

  You don’t realize this now, but in the next few minutes you’re going to re-think everything our teachers taught us about “The Acting Thing”  

If you’re anything like me, you got out of school ready to be a successful actor, and use your talents performing for eager audiences on TV, Film, or in the Theater.   But I found out quickly that my teachers forgot one very important thing:


My name is Bones Rodriguez, and I’m an actor born and raised here in New York City, and I have some good news, and some bad news:

If you’re like most people you want to hear the bad news first, so here it is:


Don’t get me wrong, acting is great- it’s fun, it’s freeing, and you get to express yourself, tell stories, delight an audience, give of yourself, and receive back through the audience and your fellow actors.

But BEING an actor sucks.

You know what I mean- everyone tells you to quit and “get a real job” all the time, people tell you how hard it is because of your “chances of making it”, and even when you do get paid for acting, you can often feel like talking furniture.

You often do some great work, but it doesn’t pay, or you do some crappy work, because it does pay. You barely have enough money to squeeze by between gigs, and while your “regular job” friends are going on vacations, you are always too poor.

And you’re always on the verge of giving it up.

But, it’s not your fault- Our teachers told us to work on our craft, get a “survival job”, send out your headshots and WAIT to “be discovered”.

That’s what they taught us (even though it obviously didn’t work for them), so that’s what you’re doing, right? That’s what most people do.

And that’s why most fail.

Everyone knows that the acting business is tough, and most people quit before they ever make any real money. They give up and get some desk job and say things like “I had to grow up sometime”, while less talented people who “know someone” get all the jobs.


But the GOOD NEWS is that some people have figured out a way to pursue your career without having to starve, wait tables, or live with their parents.

In fact, I haven’t had a day job in over 10 years because I learned how to set up “Online Vending Machines” that send me checks in the mail over and over again.

Since I make money without a day job, I’ve been able to go on auditions, do shows, and shoot dozens of commercials. I’ve done very little TV and film, but in my career so far…

I have managed to make almost $400,000 strictly from acting work.

I know- I can hardly believe it either.

It took me a while to learn to set up, but once I made my first $20 without trading time for it, my life was forever changed.

I have never had to ask anyone for time off, to switch shifts, or sneak out for lunch. I do whatever I want to do every day.

Sometimes that means working on my acting career, sometimes it’s playing with my son, sometimes it’s doing nothing at all.

I started going to parties, and people would ask me a bunch of questions about how I was doing it, so now I’m teaching other actors how to do it too, so we can all be free and pursue the life we want.

Some people just started learning from me, and told me to help more people on a webinar.

But what about YOU?

What will you do when you aren’t trading your time for money?


Now most people when they hear this kind of thing will want to find out more, but there are some who won’t- you know the type, they’d rather go out for a drink, smoke something, and bitch about how “Hollywood” isn’t really “authentic” anymore.


They’re just losers who want to tear me down, or stop YOU from learning anything, because it justifies their lazy, whiny, go-nowhere lives. They snipe at me for my credits, for my posts, and for my drive. And if you decide you want to break free too, they’ll snipe at you too.

If you’re that type, there’s no need to keep reading, we need to leave those people behind.

But if you’re the first type, the kind who wants to be free to create, and if you have enough courage to do some work, then you’re going to love what you learn from me.

But there’s a catch– From this moment forward, you have to realize that YOU are responsible for your own success, and that you have to TAKE ACTION.

In school, you could just “learn” and then not have to DO anything.

Real life is different.

You don’t get rewarded for doing nothing.

The only difference between what you WANT and what you HAVE is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE.

So here’s your chance- stop reading right now if you want to take the “blue pill” and go back to the “unfairness” of acting, and wait tables, wait to be discovered, and wait for a miracle…

Or, you can

Go Now To STEP 2 & Take the RED PILL, and discover an entirely new world where your time is YOURS to choose to do what you WANT to do with it, and you can live the way you WANT to live.

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Because you’re not a selfish douche, and you WANT to help other actors too.

Entreperformer Tory is on Dr. Oz!

Tory Dube is a Holistic Health Coach and all-around awesome woman whom I met doing a sketch comedy show for my friend Toni Vitale:

Tory and I connected on the whole “Self-Improvement” tip,

and when I had an extra ticket for Tony Robbins last year, we went together:

After that, we vowed that we would “Raise our standard”, and I promised

to get “Entreperformers” off the ground and do closer work to help more people.

When I started the MASTERMIND SESSIONS for No More Waiters, she jumped on board to be in the first group.

She is also one of the more accomplished members; She followed the directions, and got her website “” looking great, she has a book available, and she’s working on creating more ASSETS for herself:

She does Holistic Health coaching,

and she was just on the Dr. Oz show!

Whatever you think of him or whatever trouble he’s in, you can’t deny how adorable, confident, and RADIANT Tory is:

Get her book, get coached by her, and BE HAPPIER!!


And if you’d like to get YOUR OWN BUSINESS moving forward, get the No More Waiters Mastermind Sessions;

they’ll give you access to me, and we can map out a personalized plan for you and your success!

Here’s what Tory Has To say about me:


Part of my coaching includes getting a blog and a website- if you have neither, click below to get started!

The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

I love Robert Kiyosaki’s Books.

In fact, I tell people that if they buy Rich Dad Poor Dad and don’t love it, that I will buy it back from them for $1 more than they paid for it.

No One Ever Takes Me Up On It.

But here, I read excerpts from book #2- “The Cashflow Quadrant”

If you wanna hear more, Click Here

Would you MARCH?

I just finished book one of MARCH, the comic book version of of John Lewis and his part in the civil rights movement.
I teared up a few times thinking about how the commitment to a cause can stir the human soul to amazing heights.

And the cause was just to be treated fairly.

I asked myself what cause would be worth being spat upon for, beaten for, and arrested for.

I hope I never have to find out.

I’d like to thank John Lewis and the other members of the movement who made it possible for us as a community and a country to live a little closer to the perfect union we’d like to become.

Making the story into a comic book was a great idea so that it can reach younger readers.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like the world is coming to another bug change, and it might be another revolution that will lead us to the next big thought… That maybe our system shouldn’t be as rigged towards the rich.

My mission? To help educate, inspire, and motivate those who feel left out and forgotten.

Would you MARCH?

“Half Assed is BETTER Than Whole”- New York Times


That’s right people, I’ve been vindicated by none other than the New York Times.

Although not in those words…

The article says that after a long study that a bunch of women worked out in groups- some at twice a week, some at four times, and some at six.

And at the end, the twice and four times a week groups got BETTER RESULTS than the 6 times a week women.

As I wrote about in Half-Assed Health- How To Look Good Naked WITHOUIT Starving, Suffering, or Surgery, 3 times a week is ideal, and you do NOT need to kill yourself doing it.
When are you going to stop acting like it’s so HARD to work out, when it’s not-

You can LOOK GOOD NAKED within 90 days, from almost any point- and MY BOOK will help you do that without killing yourself over it. I only work out 3 times a week, and today I had 2 donuts, and 5 Munchkins… by myself!


3 Tips to Teach Your Child How to Read

How To Read

What Kind Of Penguin Are You?


One of my goals in writing “What Kind Of Penguin Are You?” was to make it understandable and repetitive enough to helps children learn how to read it on their own. The “OWL SURPRISE” is something kids pick up right away, and are excited about it.

Below are a few reading tips from Children Learning Reading that many find effective.

I hope you enjoy them, and use them in your Story Time!

3 Tips to Teach Children How to Read

By: Children Learning Reading

Learning to read at a young age is important for the development of the child. It helps them develop a better understand of their surroundings, allows them to gather information from printed materials, and provides them with a wonderful source of entertainment when they read stories and rhymes. Children develop at different rates, and some children will develop reading skills quicker than other children; however, what’s important is that as the parent, you are keenly aware of your child’s maturity and reading level to provide them with appropriate books and activities to help them improve.

As parents, you are the most important teacher for your children. You will introduce your child to books and reading. Below we have some tips to help you teach your child to read.

Teach Your Child How to Read Tip #1

Teach your child alphabet letters and sounds at the same time. Studies have shown that children learn best when they are taught the letter names and letter sounds at the same time. In one study, 58 preschool children were randomly assigned to receive instructions in letter names and sounds, letter sound only, or numbers (control group). The results of this study are consistent with past research results in that it found children receiving letter name and sound instruction were most likely to learn the sounds of letters whose names included cues to their sounds. [1]

When teaching your child the letter sounds, have them slowly trace the letter, while saying the sound of the letter at the same time. For example, if you were teaching your child the letter “A”, you would say:

“The letter A makes the /A/ (ah) sound.”

Then have your child say the /A/ sound while tracing the letter with his or her index finger.

Teaching a Child How to Read Tip #2

When teaching your child to read, always emphasize with them that the proper reading order should be from left to right, and top to bottom. To adults, this may seem so basic that anyone should know it. However, our children are not born with the knowledge that printed text should be read from left to right and top to bottom, and this is why you’ll sometimes see children reading from right to left instead – because they were never explicitly taught to read from left to right. When teaching your child how to read, always emphasize this point with them.

Teach Your Child How to Read Tip #3

Teach final consonant blends first. Teaching words such “at” and “and” can lead your child directly to learning words that rhyme with these. For example, for “at”, you can have:


For “and”, you can have these rhyming words:

and so on…

You can start teaching blends once your child has learned the sounds of some consonants and short vowel sounds. You don’t need to wait until your child has mastered the sounds of all the letters before teaching blends.

Learning to read is a long process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Broken down into intuitive and logical steps, a child as young as two years old can learn to read, and older children can accomplish even more.

>> Click here to for a simple, step-by-step program that can teach your children how to read, and watch a video of a 2 year old child reading

How To Make a Paper Penguin Beak

A Paper Penguin Beak For Children

A Paper Penguin Beak For Children

A Paper Penguin Beak for Children

Now that you have a copy of “What Kind Of Penguin Are YOU?“, your little one might want to show off their creativity. Why not  discover what kind of Penguin they see themselves as? You can start by printing out this coloring penguin, and having your child draw on it and color it in.

Then you might want to get more 3-d and create a Paper Penguin Beak that they can wear around the house and flap their wings and shuffle their feet.

Children (and adults!) love playing with things they’ve made, just like something you’ve cooked tastes better because YOU did it. Let’s give your kids that fun too! This is a great craft to get them engaged, and remind rhem of the different kind of Penguins in the book.

You can also teach them about other kinds of birds along the way. Thanks to EHow for these great instructions:

Things You’ll Need For Your Paper Penguin Beak:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Instructions To Make a Paper Penguin Beak:

1. Fold one corner of a sheet of orange or yellow construction paper to the opposite side, matching up the edges evenly. You should have a triangular flap and about 2 inches of paper sticking out from the bottom on one side.

2. Cut off the 2 inches of paper that sticks out from the triangle. Unfold the triangle from bottom to top so that it looks like a diamond shape with a horizontal crease through the middle.

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3. Put glue along two bottom edges of the diamond. Fold the triangle down along the crease again and press the edges together. Let the glue dry for a few minutes.

4. Fold the triangle in half from left to right. Crease well and unfold the paper. Make sure the crease forms a peak and the top edge of the triangle is still the folded edge.

5. Fold the top edge of the triangle down about 1/2 inch. Crease well. Punch a hole in both sides of the triangle under the small flap you just made.

6. Cut two pieces of string 1 foot long. Tie an end of one of the strings through the hole in one side of the triangle. Tie an end of the other piece of string through the other hole. Wear your construction paper penguin beak mask by placing the folded edge over your nose and tying the two pieces of string together behind your head

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Now You Have a Paper Penguin Beak For Children!

Books for Children- “What Kind Of Penguin Are YOU?”

Books For Children- What Kind Of Penguin Are You

Books For Children- What Kind Of Penguin Are You

If you’re looking for books for children, “What Kind Of Penguin Are YOU?” may be what you’re looking for…

Written by a 12-year veteran of Performing for Kids, “What Kind Of Penguin Are YOU?” is one of the rare books for children that talks directly to the reader.

The question is asked so that your child may ask themselves who they want to be- but not “when they grow up”, but Who They Want To Be RIGHT NOW, then you’ll understand why this is one of the special books for children.

John “Bones” Rodriguez has been performing with Freestyle Repertory Theatre for the past 12 years, and they are the #1 Assembly group in the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

You may have seen their video about the shows they do in schools, but they have also been doing writing workshops, so they have EXTENSIVE experience entertaining and educating children.

Now that author John “Bones” Rodriguez has started writing Books for Children, he intends on writing several more to bring parents and their children to experience some joy together.

There will be a special LIMITED-TIME FREE OFFER for this book in February of 2012- Get on the mailing list to get the offer:

There are Many Books For Children- Why “What Kind Of Penguin Are YOU?

As a performer, I often hear children talking about what they want to be “when they grow up” instead of what they want to be NOW. Many children don’t know that they can choose what they want to be at ANY MOMENT, and the freedom and fun that comes with that CHOICE.

You can sign up now and get on the mailing list for future books for children from John “Bones” Rodriguez on his personal website.