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If you’ve been following my 10,000 likes facebook page

or my popular blog posts,

then you already know-

I am an actor, I don’t have a day job, and I haven’t had one for over 10 years.

I’m not famous, I’m not rich, and I don’t live in Beverly Hills.

I have done very little TV and Film, my IMDB is tiny, but

I’ve made over $400,000 as an actor through commercials, and stage.

I have spent thousands and written a book and created a course on QUITTING YOUR DAY JOB so you can be free to audition, book work, and shoot whatever you want, whenever you want.

(How much is that worth to you?)

My course is called “No More Waiters: How To Build Your Acting Business WITHOUT A Day Job”:


People buy it all the time, and I have great testimonials- I teach people that when you make money outside of a day job, you can do whatever you want.

That’s why I have an acting career- because when asked if I’m available, my answer is always “YES”- no boss to ask, no shift to switch, nothing- I say “YES” because I make my OWN money.


I teach people a lot of ways to make money without a day job, but my favorite is to make “Online Vending Machines”.

An “Online Vending Machine” is a webpage that sells something that people buy, and then you just get website surfers to look at it- if they buy stuff, you make money.

It’s not “YOU” selling stuff, but it’s YOUR MACHINE, so you keep the money.

Make sense?

I show people how to make those.

It’s pretty damn simple.

Wanna see one? 

You’re looking at one kind.

I thought that was obvious.

Want more? Ok, let me make this even simpler.

Sometimes I use a system to sell stuff.

My own stuff, and OTHER PEOPLE’S stuff.


Yeah- see, that’s the part that trips people up.

Most people know that OF COURSE you can sell your own stuff on a website and make money (like Ebay or Etsy), but most people don’t have their own stuff to sell-

So I teach them to make a machine that sells someone else’s stuff.


Just like if you had a candy machine, your machine would be selling someone ELSE’s candy, but since YOU own the machine, YOU keep the money.

Make sense? Are you following?

Remember- you are going to share this post.


But hold on.

I’m not talking about mailing stuff out, because that takes TIME.

And I’m not talking about “buy low and sell high” because that takes MONEY.

I’m talking about after your machine is set up, ZERO time.

I’m also talking about NOT having to buy the “stuff to sell” first.

Even though I teach people to MAKE their own machines, I also show people how to just BUY A SYSTEM that works like an “online vending machine”.

It makes money FOR you when people
buy what the machine sells.

That makes sense to most people, because you can just imagine every time you have bought something from a vending machine, that the owner must have made money right?

So- it’s the same thing online. You can just have a website, and when people buy something from it (even if they buy someone else’s product), you make money.

If you’ve read this far, by now you are probably thrilled to know that I posted a FREE video for a limited time, and you can watch it here:



This is FREE for a little while, but if you’ve reached this page at a different time, then I recommend buying it. It’s probably not more than $50, but of course, it’s up to you.

And- don’t forget your promise, that you’re going to share this post now too!

So, here’s my wrap-up question for you…

-I have LITERALLY written the book on actors making money outside of a day job.

-I have made over $400,000 from SAG payments alone, and haven’t had a day job in over 10 years.

-I am giving you advice on how to get further in your dreams.

Are you an actor?

Do you want to make money outside of your stupid day job so you can be free to do what you want?

Wouldn’t you like to make $400,000 as an actor? More?

Great! Then you probably bought my course, signed up for my webinars, and got started so you could learn all you can, right?



Maybe you feel like you need to know more?

I have made thousands from using the system, from learning from it, and the idea it’s based on has made me day-job free for over 15 years.

What would YOU do if you didn’t have to trade time for money anymore?


So- If you haven’t clicked the link by now, then you’re scared of something.

It’s probably some version of “This sounds too good to be true”, or “Maybe THEY can do it, but I couldn’t possibly”.

Maybe you’re right- but maybe you’re wrong (and you are), but there’s only one way to find out. 

Did you register your info and get started yet?

If not, then I’m sorry I couldn’t get you past your fears- I tried.


Either way, I look forward to you keeping your word, keeping your promise, and sharing this post now- I mean, you don’t want to shame your mother do you?



P.S.- If you’re more of a “thinker” than a “doer”, then get my book here, and read about all the other options you have!

How To Use “Solopreneurship” to Create Your Dream Life- Part 3

This is the third video in a series designed to teach you all about how to make money without a day job by becoming a “Solopreneur”, an entrepreneur who works for him or herself.

I teach you how to create an ASSET using the internet to create “Online Vending Machines” that can pay you when you are doing other things. They work 24/7, creating income for you as long as you have the pieces in place.

Video 1- Assets and Liabilities (Income vs. a Job)

Video 2- Online Vending Machines (Affiliate Income)

Video 3- Creating Your Machine:


Click Here to get your blog


If you’d like the FULL COURSE,

you can get it for a limited time by

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The next video will be a STEP-BY-STEP Tutorial on setting up your machine to sell your products and services.

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Turning “Labor Day” Into a 7-Day Weekend!

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”
-Said someone who doesn’t celebrate a 3-day weekend.
A lot of my crowd is using this weekend to write, shoot, perform, rehearse or practice their art. 

Trying to GET RID of their “labor” of a day job.I call them “Entreperformers”- Entrepreneurs and Performers.

It’s that DESIRE to do the “work” so much, that you feel like it’s PLAY, and you probably work harder than you would if someone were paying you to do it.
Most people feel that way about SOMETHING.
You probably spend your “Holidays” and your “Days Off” doing it.
Or talking about it.

Or sharing on social media about itOr Blogging about it.

But you likely do NOT get paid for it.
So I’m inviting you to my:
See, for a while I’ve been telling actors and other performers that we can actually MONETIZE our art ourselves.
Without Waiting tables, waiting for perfection, or waiting to be discovered.
My tagline is “There are two kinds of actors- those who bring the check to the table, and those who get the check in the mail… Which Do You Want To Be?”
But I don’t want this to be some big ad for my special sale that you should buy right now. (Wink)
My friend and client Michael Mingoia wrote me a great message last night:
Bones– thank you for your most recent blog post. You’ve reminded me and inspired me to work on my passion project instead of taking a day off from doing what I already love to do! “Labor Day” will be my official “Productivity Day!”
It inspired me.
Weird, right?
He was inspired by me, and then he turned around and inspired me back.
That’s how it works. You can be the SOURCE for what you want. If you want love, someone. If you want a punch, punch someone.
His email (about my email) got me thinking about the people I haven’t reached yet.
Recently, I did a 4-week course teaching how you can blog about, and monetize your art, your hobby, and your playtime.
It’s a simple idea: Bring certain kinds of people together, and let them buy stuff from people who give you a commission.
So, if you’re a cat lover, and you can make a blog about cats, you can find products that cat lovers will buy, and get a commission when cat lovers buy them.
Simple, right?
And if you’re an artist, maybe you bring together a certain kind of person through your art- those people buy stuff too.
You can make money without selling out, without being a shill, and without trading your hours away everyday.
So today is Labor day, and I’m about to go out with my wife and son to the park to play with bubbles and in the sprinklers.
A lot of people will be doing that today.
But we’ll be doing it tomorrow too.
And if I get called for an audition, I can just go.
And if I want to shoot a video tomorrow, I will.
Or write a blog post, or talk about Star Trek, or play HALO, or kiss my wife, or change a diaper, or create a new website, or write a new book, or see my mom, or whatever.
But tomorrow, I definitely won’t LABOR.
So, if you go back to work tomorrow (or are even sad that you won’t be), I want you to maybe take a second and look around at what you might make into a business for yourself.
If you’re an actor, you’ll probably enjoy my book and videos, but if not, you might really like the “get paid to blog about what you love” idea.
Have a great day, and I hope you share this so YOU can be the source of inspiration for someone else.
– Bones, the guy who wants you to have a 7-day “Anti-Labor” weekend!!

How I Blogged Myself Out Of A Day Job!

My name is Bones Rodriguez, and I have been a full-time actor for over 15 years.

I’ve been on TV, stage and you’ve probably seen me in dozens of commercials.

But I’m not the “usual” actor story.

Instead of waiting tables like most other actors, I learned to make money with the internet by blogging, and creating what I call “Online Vending Machines”.

These “online vending machines” sell other people’s stuff for me, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s crazy, and I didn’t think it would work, but I tried it anyway.

And y’know what? It worked!

That’s why I haven’t had a day job in over a decade- I’m FREE to do what I want.

So really, I’m a “full-time” whatever I want.


A full-time actor, full-time Author, Full-Time Father… WHATEVER I WANT.

A few years ago, I wrote a book for actors to teach them how to do it too, but since other kinds of people wanted to know, I did a live webinar to teach people.

The video is below- It’s about an hour, so maybe you should take notes.

The coolest part though?

It’s actually ON my blog!


“How I Blogged Myself To A Full-Time Income!”

(Press Play, and go FULLSCREEN)


“There are 2 kinds of people in the world- those who get bills in the mail, and those who GET CHECKS in the mail.

Which do YOU want to be?”

I decided a long time ago that I couldn’t have the life I wanted if someone else controlled my money and my time.

So, I chose to learn to make money without trading time for it.

That may sound impossible at first, but if you think about a vending machine, when you buy something from it, the owner made money even though they weren’t there.

I built my blog on MY time- when I wanted to.

You’ll learn how to create “Online Vending Machines”, and a BLOG can be one.

But when you say that, a lot of people think that you make money from a blog just with ads- that’s the AMATEUR way to do it, and you have to create OCEANS of traffic to make any money.

In this video, I show you how to make a full-time income with a blog- so you can be free to audition, shoot, perform, parent, play, write, travel, or SLEEP (unless you’re a parent)!

I normally do $2,000 mastermind sessions where I teach people how to do what I do, and I have great testimonials from very happy people.

But instead of $2,000 masterminds, I have completely changed what I’m doing, and it will be to YOUR advantage, Enjoy the video above, takes notes! 


By the way, this is a secret.

How To Finally Sell Your Music

A friend of mine was going to stream a live concert online from his livingroom.

I thought it was an awesome idea.

But then he cancelled it. He later asked me about selling music, and what thoughts I had about it.

If you are a singer/songwriter, or a musician trying to make money with your music, this post might help you…

How do you get  1000 people to buy your music, and still make a living.

In what will I’m sure be a long email, I want you to know

that this is only my opinion.

Y’know, Alex and I just had a long email chain about buying music.
I haven’t done it in YEARS.
I tell people all the time now that music has no monetary value anymore,
and that it actually never did.
I’m aware of my audience here, so let me back up a sec.
We’ve only been buying music for a little while- and we’ve actually
only been buying the VEHICLE the music comes on- record, tape, cd…
and the MUSIC itself was actually not what you paid for- all music cost the same,
no matter how much better one song was than another because you were paying for
the CD.
Make sense?
Before, a bar owner would pay a band to play in their bar because people stayed
and bought more food and beer.
But they STILL weren’t paying for MUSIC.
Now, when I told Alex that I haven’t paid for music, he immediately jumped on me
about illegal downloads and stuff…
But I wasn’t even talking about that- I meant YouTube (which is about to TAKE OVER music)
and streaming sites, and the fact that music now has ZERO monetary value.
So then, why WOULD be pay for stuff, and people still go to concerts, etc.
They are paying for an EXPERIENCE.
Sometimes, having the music itself will remind them of the experience,
sometimes it just makes them feel closer to the artist.
So….. If you stop thinking about selling the NOTES that you package,
and start thinking about selling an EXPERIENCE of you music, and
an EXPERIENCE of YOUUUUUU- you might think of it differently.
Now then, if I were a musician, I would start thinking of NICHE experiences
to give to people, and have them buy your music as the ticket.
THIS is why I was so excited about your livingroom show.
What I told Alex is that I haven’t seen you play in a while, and that frankly,
now with a kid and travelling out in NYC, I wouldn’t likely EVER come out
to see you anytime soon.
And that I wasn’t connected to any CD, even though I’m your friend
I haven’t realy connected with you or a show in a long time.
HOWEVER, I could suddenly see you, in an intimate setting (sorta),
and I was going to have an EXCLUSIVE opportunity…
Make sense?
Now, here’s what I would do to add to what you CANCELLED….
“Get the show and keep MP3 downloads for your music player,
ANNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD you can enter my special PRIVATE
membership where I’ll archive the LIVE SHOWS that are on video for you”
Damn, I’m good.
Some people will want that, others won’t.
Concern yourself with the people who DO want it.
When you can FIND 1000 people who want to trade you $100 a year
for whatever you’re doing- You’ve got a pretty good artist living, yes?
What if you did a show once a month in your livingroom for $10,
and you built an audience that kept coming back.
And you can show songs that you are working on, and “What do you think?”
and “I want to write a song about How awesome Bones Rodriguez is,
but the English language isn’t capable of expressing it,
so I need a word that encompasses his genius, can you help?”
and then you have a TRIBE who follows you.
So…. I hope you got all of this.
The areas to study- Get a book by Seth Godin
called TRIBES, and pay attention to what Amanda Palmer is doing.
I don’t know what you think of her or her music, but pay attention to the
fact that she has a FOLLOWING that wants a piece of HER, whether
they like her music or not.
I saw her TED talk, heard about her somewhere else, went to see her at
Lincoln center, and that was the FIRST time I’ve ever heard her music!
And I haven’t listened since…. but she still emails me about her new projects!!!
Get me?

The Way To Get It All Done Now

This is it.

I’ve taught and taught, and taught, and it seems like people are finally getting it.

You really CAN build your life and income without a day job. There are a few things you have to accept though:

1- You have to own your own business

2- Businesses make money, or they are NOT businesses

3- You can make money by selling things online.

4- You can make money by selling OTHER people’s things online.

5- You can just promote a link, and get paid for that.

6- One of the best ways to do that is with a blog.

7- You will make money by offering a LIST OF PEOPLE many different things.

8- You can do all of this at the same time

9- You can do it enough that you neveer need to ask someone for a job again.

10- You can do whatever you want with your life when you aren;t trading time for money.

11- You can act, not act, or create your own work because you aren’t worried about the money anymore.


Can you accept those 11 logical steps?


Great- then put them all together here-  http://www.truthorhypetv.com/?id=friends

Network Marketing, versus Affiliate Marketing- What’s The Difference?

Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing, vs High-Ticket Sales- Which is best?Unless you’re in the space of Home business and making money from home or online, you might not really understand the difference between Network Marketing, Affiliate marketing (or affiliate sales) or what’s now known as “High -Ticket”sales or “GPT” as Mike Dillard called it a few years ago.

This video by Darren Hanser really does an excellent job of explaining the differences and why a system that we both use really takes the best from all three philosophies:

So, if that cleared up the differences between Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, and High Tickets sasles for you, leave a comment. If the system he described sounds like something you’d like to know more about, then CLICK HERE TO TAKE A TEST DRIVE.

Huffington Post Confirms What I’ve Been Saying!

Huffington Post just said I am right!


See, people sometimes make fun of me for my course “No More Waiters“.


I tell people that they can SELL MY COURSE and make money with it

by using a website called Clickbank.


In fact my “$50 in 24 hours” method uses Clickbank.


Very rarely did someone say “Oh, I know that!”


But now that HUFFINGTON POST wrote about the stuff I teach and Clickbank, all of a sudden I am validated:


“In recent years teenagers, 20-somethings, mid-lifers and senior citizens across the globe have explored the new era of digital commerce. This allows anyone to create a product once and resell it an infinite amount of times. Never in the history of business has an entrepreneur had so much leverage and such little risk.

One company that has been on the forefront of the evolution in digital commerce is ClickBank. ClickBank is the world leader in performance marketing of digital products, with six million clients and distribution in 190 countries. They specialize in being the go-to, easy-to-use platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses, enabling and encompassing powerful online and mobile e-commerce across a wide variety of lifestyle categories.

In the new age of digital commerce, ClickBank is helping empower people to share their knowledge with others through the creation of digital products, but it doesn’t just stop there. Product developers are also empowered to make products of all kinds outside of education and how-to oriented products. Many of ClickBanks’ most successful products are in the health and fitness, home and garden, parenting and families, cooking, food and wine categories.”- Huffington Post


See, when you get No More Waiters- How To Build Your Acting Business Without A Day Job, you will learn how to be an “affiliate” and how to use Clickbank so you can make money from your computer. That was for the Actors.

For everyone else, I have a blog about doing the same thing for a different website- http://www.DoYouWorkTooHard.com 

So- will you be at the front, or at the back? If you’re seeing the trend, you’ll realize that all of this information is about to go mainstream, and you’ll be too late.

It’s up to you, but if you’re ready to get started, go here- No More Waiters