Did You Know Jim Carrey Did This?

You may have heard this story before, but before
he became “Jim Carrey”, he was another struggling, broke
actor trying to get known…
Then he learned about this special exercise that 
ATTRACTED wealth and success to him.
One of his exercises is in

What else can you do if you want to prepare your mind for
success and happiness?
I told you about this “Hollywood Mind Doctor” yesterday,

but for all of the skeptics about “Mind Power”, there’s a
great FREE REPORT about the Science of Focus. 
I am a fan of Dr. Steve Jones, and have a bunch of his books
and recordings, but I figured that this free report would be a good
primer in case you don’t know about the power of your mind.

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So many times, it’s not about your talent, or your look,
but about your OWN BELIEF IN YOURSELF that makes the difference.


I do my best to get PUMPED UP and get into a DIFFERENT STATE
whenever I am going to do something because it helps get results.
Jim Carrey used to sit overlooking Mulholland Drive, with his hands
wide open, doing the exercise to FEEL INSPIRED and bring himself
the wealth and success he KNEW he deserved.
Are you doing that? Me either!
Maybe I’ll add that one to my pre-bed routine! 
My resolution this year is to listen to an audio EVERY DAY
before I go to bed, and so far, I have done it!
What about you?

Hollywood Clients Pay This Doctor Up To $25,000 For This Job

No, it’s not for Boob Jobs
No, it’s not for Nose Jobs.
Thing is, I totally heard about this guy before because…
I have bought a BUNCH of his stuff already!
I found out about him by myself, but then I heard about
his office in Hollywood, and I was like “I know that guy!”
Sometimes people ask what habits lead to success
and happiness and all of that, but without THIS, it can
be difficult.
I know, I know,- it’s cheesy to hear, but I had a Resolution
this year and so far, I’ve followed his advice EVERY NIGHT.
And I’m getting the results I wanted!
And I took notes and took it seriously.
When you want something, you’re willing to DO
the things that make it work.
It’s all about the Neuroscience.
This Dr. helps people get their mind focused on wealth,
success, prosperity, happiness, and whatever else the client wants.
Because the KEY to life is in directing your mind right.
The problem is that most of us do things UNCONSCIOUSLY,
and therefore we get UNCONSCIOUS results.
I got tired of the results I was getting, so I was willing to invest
my time and money in learning the things I needed to learn and DO
the things I needed to do- and I am still doing them now.
If you’d like to learn more about how this Dr. can do a BRAIN JOB for you:
– Enjoy!
Are you?


The 6 P’s Of Acting Success- aka “How To Work On Top Of Halle Berry”

I have a new resolution for the year, and one of them kind involves Halle Berry.

Don’t Run Halle, Bones Loves You!


More on that in a minute.

The first is to read MORE books and buy MORE courses on acting.

Not just “technique” and “Craft”, but career stuff like:


Motivational Books, and especially:

BUSINESS books on acting.

That’s why I picked up Randy Thomas’ “The 6 P’s Of Acting Success” because he runs a website for actors and a program called “The Actor Advantage Program“, and I figured this would be a good intro to his course.

Randy Thomas is from Canada, and was actually a BUSINESS major in college

(One of THOSE guys, I figured)

And the book discusses being an actor from a BUSINESS point of view.

We’ve heard it before:

“Treat Your Acting Career Like A Business”

But what the hell does that mean?

Randy breaks down his “Marketing speak” into “actor speak” throughout the book so that I learned some of the paralells:

Here’s an example:


The business definition of a Marketing Strategy

A strategy designed to meet the company’smarketing objectives

by providing its customers with value. All the principles of the

marketing mix are related, and together establish the product’s

position within its target markets.

(Sounds like gobbledegook, doesn’t it?)


An artist’s definition of a Marketing Strategy

A strategy designed to meet your career objectives by providing

agents, casting directors, directors and producers with value.

All the principles of the 6P’s of Success are related, and

together establish your brand as an artist in the entertainment




Did you hear any of that stuff while studying to be an actor? 

Me either.

But that’s just at the beginning.

There were 2 things I really liked about Randy’s Book, and the first is that he adds “Life lessons” throughout the book, like one he learned while ON TOP OF HALLE BERRY:

Montreal, 2003… I am lying on top of Halle Berry… She

is only wearing underwear and a T-shirt… Halle’s legs are

wrapped tightly around me like a clamp… I am restraining

Halle’s arms over her head and by the end of the afternoon, we

are exhausted. And everything is caught on camera because

we are on set.

(The story is longer, and really good, but what I really liked about that chapter was the end of it)


I remember being on a high as Halle and I chatted in her

trailer after the shoot with her manager, Vince Cirrincione. I

also remember feeling helpless. Even though I was sitting in

the same room, Halle and I were on different planets and it

was frustrating.


Now, I would have been feeling helpless and frustrated for an entirely different reason, but this is where he goes into the “6 P’s Of Acting Success” and a diagram that kinda explains the problem with most actors careers:



In this diagram, he shows that most actors are only concerned with their “product” (their acting ability), but forget the other essential parts of owning a business:

  • Product- YOU are a product
  • Price- Earning a living
  • Place- Your Environment
  • Promotion- Managing Your Brand
  • People- No One Makes It Alone
  • Processes- Becoming Efficient and Effective

I’ll ask you again:

Did you hear any of that stuff while studying to be an actor? 

Me either.

In the video courses that go along with the book, he sounds really funny when he says “Promotions” and “Processes” in his Canadian accent, but I’ll let that go.

Randy explains how these 6 things are NECESSARY parts of any business, but 5 of them are totally ignored by acting schools and acting classes- mostly because actors don’t know any better.

I really enjoyed the book (as well as getting a healthy-ass kicking of what I should be doing), but it was the final section which really hit home for me.


Throughout the book, he talks about how much the industry has changed because of how few movies are being made, and how the shortage of projects trickles down and squeezes the beginning and mid-level actors.

So, he predicts several changes in the industry that I totally agree with, and wrote in my own special report a few years ago about acting in the 21st century.

If you want to be a professional, and have new goals for the New Year like I do, then I really suggest you click below and pick up a copy of Randy Thomas’ 6 P’s of Acting Success:



Also, click here for his free video series


Thanks so much Randy- I know how hard it is to get a book finished and out! And if you see Halle:

Give her a kiss for me…. please?

Good luck and have a great 2016!!

What “Survival Jobs For Actors” Says About Your Career

Did you even know there was a book out there called:

“Survival Jobs For Actors” by Michelle Dyer?

I didn’t think you did!

But yes- it turns out that I am not the only person trying to help actos make money
instead of TAKING it like so many other “gurus” out there:


Michelle has her own business, and she began it with this book,
and she agrees that other actors should follow hers and my example!


“I actually followed his advice already in writing my book, and in building this website around it.

You see, people buy my book now without me trading time for it.
It’s already done. It’s out there, and people buy it.”

How’s THAT for a testimonial?

“Survival Jobs For Actors” by Michelle Dyer


If you’d like to start a blog, and get moving with this whole “make money without a day job” thing, then click below!

Chris Brown Owns 14 Of WHAT?

You know Chris Brown, right?

The multi-platinum singer, dancer, actor who has comeback from beating up then-girlfriend Rihanna?

Whose net worth of 30 million dollars?

He owns 14 things that you probably wouldn’t guess.

You see, I teach actors and artists to Quit Their Day Jobs by having what I call “Online Vending Machines” make money for them instead of having some time-sucking job.

Most actors quit “trying” by age 30 because they get tired of waiting tables, walking dogs, and watching babies in between “trying” to get auditions and bookings.

Day Jobs Suck.

So when I tell them that I have been a full-time actor for over 15 years because I have my own income streams online, I think I’m being practical, helpful, and kinda charitable.

But some don’t get it.

They think that I’m “conning poor actors out of their money” because I sell my courses online- teaching them EXACTLY what they can do too.

For the price of a New York Drink, you can learn to quit your day job.

Some people complain, but I find that the more successful actors LOVE my books and courses, appreciate the work I do, and give me great testimonials.

Enter Chris Brown.

See Chris Brown is a multi-millionaire recording artists, but what you don’t know is that he makes $14 million dollars a year because he owns…


That’s right- an artists who makes more money than all of my detractors combined owns 14 burger kings because they make him money to own them.

Chris brown doesn’t flip burgers- the restaurants make him money while he is singing and dancing.

Just like my “online vending machines” make me money.

Britney Spears has a perfume. Because her perfumes make her money with she is singing and dancing.

Or when she’s NOT Singing and dancing.

Does that make sense?.

Isn’t that something you think smart actors and artists should learn about?

Me too!

So, I teach it to them.

So next time one of the “starving artists” tells you that they’re broke, send them over to my website.

Do you think it will change their perspective?

Probably not, a lot of them just wanna stay asleep and say “Don’t wake me up” (That was a Chris Brown Joke), but for those who DO wanna WAKE UP:


And for a FREE On-Demand Webinar on how to make money like burger kings:



How To Use “Solopreneurship” to Create Your Dream Life- Part 3

This is the third video in a series designed to teach you all about how to make money without a day job by becoming a “Solopreneur”, an entrepreneur who works for him or herself.

I teach you how to create an ASSET using the internet to create “Online Vending Machines” that can pay you when you are doing other things. They work 24/7, creating income for you as long as you have the pieces in place.

Video 1- Assets and Liabilities (Income vs. a Job)

Video 2- Online Vending Machines (Affiliate Income)

Video 3- Creating Your Machine:


Click Here to get your blog


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The next video will be a STEP-BY-STEP Tutorial on setting up your machine to sell your products and services.

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How To Use “Solopreneurship” to Create Your Dream Life- Part 2

This is the 2nd video in a series designed to educate and inspire you to create your own income and your own life-

Without a day job.

I gave the analogy of having a vending machine, to make it more easily understood:

In lesson 1, I taught a few things:

  • Jobs SUCK.
  • Money for Time
  • Create ASSETS to FREE your TIME
  • Affiliate Income is an ASSET
  • Sell OTHER people’s stuff and GET PAID
    24/7 365- just OWN and SET UP the system

The next video will pick up where that one left off Enjoy:

Click Play and “FULL SCREEN” to see the details!

Hopefully, you learned a lot from this video, and you will SHARE THIS NOW!

If you want to know about Clickbank, you can get their course at http://www.ClickbankU.com


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The First Giveaway Video Training- Solopreneurship #1

Look! I made a lesson for YOU on being a Solopreneur, and I’m basically giving away a bunch of secrets in this video series.

This video lesson on Solopreneurship is the basics for understanding how to have a business of your own, and free time to enjoy your life instead of working all the time for money.


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(Blog) How To FINALLY Get An Acting Agent!

***Note: This is an excerpt from Lisa Gold’s Amazing Course “How To Get And Keep An Agent“, and I have printed some of the first lesson here, because it’s WORTH sharing!***

Imagine this for a minute:

You’ve been performing, rehearsing, and working hard on marketing yourself with the help of a business coach, looking for an agent either for commercials, TV and Film, or stage.

Then… an agent calls you.

They liked your marketing tools.
They liked what was on your resume.
You are a possible fit for their talent pool and they are calling you in.

So let’s make sure you’re prepared because this is a real opportunity.

“Where PREPARATION meets opportunity
– that’s called a Big Break!”-Lisa Gold

None of that other airy fairy stuff you’ve heard.

Sometimes you’re prepared and there’s no opportunity…sometimes there’s an opportunity, and you’re not prepared.

This is your job as an actor…to make sure you have BOTH.

So the first thing that I recommend you get ready with NOW is your performance material to show your stuff. What stuff?

Your ACTING chops, of course.

New York and Los Angeles are different in what agents like to see and hear but I always suggest you have two contrasting, one-minute monologues in your arsenal of repertoire.

One minute or less is best.

Why, you ask? Because this is the “YouTube Generation” and how do YOU operate when somebody sends you a video?

We have short attention spans these days. You’ll click on it and about 30-40 seconds in, you’re going to make a decision whether or not you want to watch the rest of the three minute video-


Now, imagine being an agent watching monologues all day long, or several in a row and how many times they wish they could be “clicking off”. So keep it short and sweet.

If you’re not a fit or they don’t like your work, then there’s not time for that icky “wish they would stop” vibe. And if they’re LOVING you and it ends too soon, you’ll leave them wanting more.

Yes, that’s the ticket! ONE Minute or less.


Do you need to do a comedic and
dramatic monologue as a contrast?
No, no, no, no, no.

Did you get that?


Very few people are excellent at both.
Go with your strength.

You CAN find two contrasting monologues within an arena (archetype of character) that you would most likely be playing. And what you’d most likely be playing is WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.

I know, I know- you have “range”, and you’ve be trained to become “anybody”, but that’s not what an Agent wants to see- they want to see how they can SELL you.

What agents are really looking for when watching you do a monologue or a scene is something interesting. You needn’t make them laugh out loud or have tears in their eyes, you only need to hold their attention.

This translates later to holding the audience’s attention that bought the ticket to see you perform.

THAT’s what an agent is looking for.

And by the way, you must KNOW these monologues backwards and forwards. Absolutely down pat.
No exceptions.
This way, if you are nervous or a bit frightened, you have your memory to rely on. Don’t try out a new monologue in an agent’s office. Save it for class.

You also need to have your cold reading skills in excellent shape.

Having the ability to connect with either a reader or the agent directly is key. You can mess up the words as long as you are communicating the essence of the text and the meaning of the scene.

They want to “feel” you ARE this character, and not “acting” like the character.


Be PREPARED with great audition material.
Keep it short and sweet and have your skills sharp.
Connect and be interesting.

Get Lisa’s Special Ecourse “How To Get And Keep An Agent”, along with her free report: “10 Inside Acting Secrets”
By Clicking Here

I absolutely recommend ALL of Lisa Gold’s Videos and Courses for actors at all stages of success.

The really successful professionals NEVER STOP LEARNING.