Beware Of This Pyramid Deal

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Someone wrote me back today after I sent out an email promoting The Empower Network. If you don’t know, The Empower Network sells courses on making money online, and also offers the opportunity to sell those courses.

Some people do very well learning from and selling their courses.

So I recommend people do that, and offer help to people who buy them through me.
(buying from anywhere else means you do NOT get my personal help)

So, this guy wrote me this email:

“The massive earnings for this type of system (empower network, etc.) are “extraordinary” and it says that at the bottom of the website you link to. It doesn’t work for 98% of people.

I’m all for residual income and affiliate marketing, but pushing a system that ultimately work for a few people is not something EVERY actor needs to do or CAN do.
I like a lot of your advice Bones, but pushing these pyramid-type systems is not for me.
It leaves a weird taste in my mouth when I’m trying to swallow the other valuable information you talk about.” 

And I answered him:

Thanks for writing; I appreciate the guts it took to say that instead of just hiding and making assumptions. It means you like what I’m doing and teaching, just not what you think is a pyramid thing.

I don’t blame you- if I were you, I might feel the same thing. I just have a little more info on it than you do. But let me tell you first:

You’re right;
those incomes are extraordinary.

and 98% of people won’t make any money

…Just like in acting.
Actually, your “chances” as an actor are even worse.
But in the acting business, some people UNDERSTAND that it’s up to them.
But many don’t, right? They say things like “Hollywood won’t let me…”
or some other bullshit.
In this affiliate program (and EVERY other business that has EVER been),
only a small percentage ever do what’s required to be successful.
So, if you like my advice, here it is:Take your OWN responsibility for your own results.
My acting career is CRAPPY in my opinion, but I’ve earned more than 98% of actors
in their lifetimes.
By doing BARELY the minimum…. you know what I mean.
Again- I think I have been a TERRIBLE business owner of my acting business,
but have still earned $400,000. Just commercials; no film, 4 tv spots.
Can you imagine if I told people they can be actors and make $400,000
WITHOUT doing film or TV?
People would call me a “scammer”, and whatever the hell else, right?
I have this conversation with myself often, and I sometimes think I shouldn’t bother giving people an opportunity like Empower, but the truth is that the courses they sell taught me a LOT, and the affiliate program has been great for me too.
I don’t expect the business “to work”, I bought the courses, and am an AFFILIATE for them.If I want to make money, the business doesn’t “work”- I do stuff to make it work.
I don’t know if you understand the difference there, but if you have bought any
of my courses (and read them), you would.You sound like you do, but let me tell you how I know beyond a doubt.
Affiliate marketing:
Just sell other people’s stuff, and get paid!
That’s one of the things I teach people.
Sounds “too good to be true”, but it is true!
You’d think that people would just LINE UP to learn something like that,
wouldn’t you?You’d be SHOCKED if I told you how many people buy my book and NEVER read it.Or take my classes, and then STOP showing up to learn.And since I have my own affiliate program (I pay people to sell NoMoreWaiters), I can tell you that very few sales are from affiliates.
And it’s mostly the SAME affiliates…Wanna see?
“not set” and “Bonesrod” are me… that means that of the 34 sales in this period,
only 4 sales were from affiliates-and one of those had made sales before.But what I really want you to notice is the “hop count”,
which says how many people visited the site through someone’s link.
2, 4, 6,1, etc… that’s the usual.But here’s the SCARY PART- the top says there are “536 items found”.See that?It means that there were 536 affiliates who sent clicks, and of those, only 3 made sales.

3 people out of 536.

But does affiliate marketing work? YUP.

Just ask MRoldan– she only sent 30 clicks- and made 2 sales.

Don’t you think most people would do AT LEAST that?

Well, they don’t.
People just give up on stuff- all the time.I do it too- DEFINITELY 😀
But I’m not blaming anyone for it.
Did you know that 67% of people with Gym memberships NEVER go?
(As in not even once… like, they pay, but NEVER enter!)

But do gyms “work”? Of course!

I get people who say “Bones’ stuff doesn’t work”, and I’m like
“Really? What did you DOOOOO?”
The answer is ALWAYS- 100% of the time- SILENCE.
Sooooo, I already have a business in selling information,
and it does pretty well.
I’ve been without a day job for 15 years now!
Then I started teaching people to do the same, explaining this idea of an “Online vending machine
Some listen, and they build their own.
Others get confused and want a “ready-made” opportunity.
I have a few of those too; I just bought another one last month.
In my opinion, Empower is the one where people will LEARN the most,
and have the chance to earn- and ME to help them- which is the REAL
So, I started “pushing” it recently.
ANYWAY… It’s NOT POSSIBLE for Empower to be a scam- they sell courses,
and give you the chance to sell them too.When people buy them, the buyer gets the courses, and you get a commission.
There’s nothing else to it.
  • If you don’t sell them, then that’s on YOU.
  • If you don’t book any acting work, that’s on YOU.
  • If you sell books in the street, and no one buys them, that’s on YOU.
It’s the same all around, but many people don’t understand that.
You can literally just put your website in front of enough people and some will buy.internetmarketer18-color
The vast majority will not bother to do that, (as I showed you above) and that’s when most people will quit.

People go on 5 auditions, don’t book anything, and quit acting.

-It might take a while before they realized they’ve quit, but they stop doing anything to get the next audition- that’s quitting.
You already know people like that I’m sure.98% of people in Empower send 15 people to a website over 3 months, don’t make a sale,
and they quit.And then say “Empower didn’t work” or something like that.
There is nothing easier in my opinion than having a website that
sells stuff for you, and putting people in front of it, so that’s one
of the things I teach.
I haven’t had a day job for 15 years because of that ONE idea, and so I teach people to make their own “online vending machines
It’s also what Empower PROVIDES- so that’s why I recommend it to people, and they PAY ME to recommend it too- even better!And they pay OTHER people to recommend it- Even MO’ BETTA!
So, thanks for your question- it gave me an opportunity to write this out, and you’ll probably see this as an email and blog post in a few days…and see our income disclaimer for anything about money.
If you decide to actually LEARN how this works, let me know- I like helping people who are earnest. Some just write to be snarky and criticize, but that wasn’t your tone, so that’s why I wrote back.
Have an awesome Halloween- I’m taking Pike Trick or Treating now!!

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