This Video Makes Me Like AUSTRALIAN Actors Even More!

So I met this guy online…

Wait…Not like that.

I mean, that he sent me a friend request,
and sends me a very cool video as a testimonial for my course for actors.

Wait- for real…


Do you know how often I speak to American Actors who bitch and moan about everything?


I mean, they aren’t seen for this, they are angry because someone else got the job, because no one recognizes their “GENIUS” acting abilities (mostly because they aren’t doing anything), and it gets so tiring.

This guy Chris is taking the opportunities that are in front of him, and he’s out working. Then he comes home, learns some more from me and my course, and then makes me a video:


Gotta love that.

So I called him, and we chatted for a bit about what he’s learned, and how he wants to apply what he’s learned so far.

We had a GREAT conversation.

Because he’s excited for his future, he’s moving forward…


and he’s got a REALLY FUNNY ACCENT.



What about YOU?

Are you too busy bitching and moaning, or are you focusing on the good stuff in your life?

I know that I’m guilty of “poor me” syndrome on occasion.

I can get real down about when something doesn’t work out the way I want it to.

(And that’s most of the time)

But fortunately, I get to be a mentor to people to keep me excited and optimistic.

People like Chris, Ronald, Miranda, and a few others who are all motivated by me, and yet motivate me too.

Find yourself a good group to hang out with- in person or virtually, and let them spark your fire.

Soon enough, you’ll be sparking theirs, and all of you will encourage and motivate each other.

It’s called “Being the Source”:

Whatever you want in life, be the source of it for others.


  • If you want motivation, then motivate others.
  • If you want a hug, hug others.
  • If you want LOVE, love someone else.
  • If you want a punch in the mouth, punch someone in the mouth!

 So, next time you feel like it’s all worthless, remember to show gratitude for something or someone- they might need it too!

And if you want something to be grateful for, come learn to quit your day job and become a full-time actor.

Then YOU can make a video for me too! 


 P.S.- Don’t be mad at me for luring you here with Hugh Jackman. This post was still totally worth it!

Ok, OK, you can see more here.


(Did I say what you would see?)


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