As A Man Thinketh- FREE Audio Book- by James Allen

This is a FREE Audio/Video reading of “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. I am Bones Rodriguez, and this book is one my absolute favorite new age books, so I chose to help the world and read it aloud so ANYONE can have it. I read it on Youtube, and am now embedding the video here:

When I first encountered the idea that your life is a result of your thought (positive thinking), it sounded pretty screwy.  However, as the idea really started to grow in my mind, I noticed more and more that people really do see things differently, and therefore, according to their view, life is different.

The book and movie THE SECRET came out, and it was about visualization and all of that, and it made it pretty popular. The idea of “The Law Of Attraction” cam out of this book.

Some people will hear me reading AS A MAN THINKETH by JAMES ALLEN, and will hear some beautiful poetry, and some great tips for life. Other people will hear my wonderful voice, and think they are hearing angels singing :-)

Other people will hear my voice, hate it, and will also hate the book. Those people will probably be pretty miserable in a lot of aspects in their lives, don’tcha think?

I am reading “As a Man Thinketh” not in the most perfect way, but I do my best here. You can feel free to pass this onto anyone you like, I did this just so it could be shared. It is a playlist from YouTube, and anyone looking for As a Man Thinketh by James Allen should really like this!

And if you haven’t read this post, it is something I wrote, that I think is pretty damn motivating too!

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