Here Are Three Voice Overs From My Career; Try Not To Laugh At The One With The Exploding Pig

**NOTE** January 31st is the FINAL DAY for the Launch Price of VO GENESIS

Recently, a course came out teaching people to get voiceover work from home called “VO Genesis”, and people have been asking if it’s for real.

I’ve done a few voiceovers, so people asked my opinion.

A lot of people have questions about VO Genesis, and “Is VO Genesis a Scam” and people have asked for a “VO Genesis Review” from me, so I am doing a full review on it here:

Let’s start with one of my Voice Overs, which is CURRENTLY on TV:

Yes- this game is a real game, and yes, it’s really on TV, and YES- it really IS about stuffing burgers into a pig until he explodes.

Gross, right?

Kids love it! Crazy kids.

I got paid something like $350 for that one I think.

My name is Bones Rodriguez, and and I am an actor, author, and solopreneur here in New York City.

I have worked a tiny bit on film and TV, done a lot of stage, but have done dozens of commercials in my career, totalling over $400,00 so far.

I throw out that number not to impress you, just to tell you that I actually AM a professional entertainer.

I maybe over-sold myself as a “Voiceover Pro”, but I have gotten paid to do a few of them.

As the business of show demands, I have other ways that I make money and I use the internet to make “Online Vending Machines” instead of waiting tables, walking dogs or watching babies like all the other “actor-waiters” do.

I also teach actors about all these different ways of making money through my books and courses.

So, when VO GENESIS came out, I told them to check it out and get it.


To me, it was an absolute no-brainer.

I’m an ACTOR, and one of the ways actors get paid is through doing voice overs- why on EARTH would someone who wants to be a professional entertainer NOT get a course on doing Voice Over work from home?

A few years ago, I did a voice over for the HISTORY Channel, and I had to go downtown to their studios, it took a while, and there was a full office staff, an engineer, and a big space with a lot of rooms all doing voice over jobs for different stuff.

Rent for a space like that in New York City is expensive.

It took a while, a lot of people were involved, and I got paid like $200 or so.

FAST FORWARD a couple of years later, to when I did that “pop the Pig” one, it was in a small 5-person studio, and I think that big one was closed down.

As I said, I have only done a few voice over jobs in my career, and it’s the reason I was EXCITED to buy VO GENESIS.


Now, I have learned that the vast majority of actors and artists are wanna-be rich-and-famous, lazy, whiny babies who just want everything handed to them.


But that is FANTASTIC news for anyone willing to do the tiniest bit of work, because it means they will actually GET the work!

So when I told people about VO GENESIS on my blog, people wrote me emails asking if it was legit, and asking me if I’m personally making money with it, and all sorts of lazy, whiny baby questions.

Like “Do you have to do work to find gigs?”.

Seriously dude?

HOWEVER- I also realize that maybe people are just skeptical, or simple don’t know that people are doing voiceover jobs from home now.

What the actors don’t realize is that VO GENESIS is billed as a “Make money from home” opportunity for the masses. It’s a course designed for regular people to start making money at home, doing voiceover work.

Meaning- for REGULAR people who have no acting training and no skill set already developed.

Which to ME, meant “WOW- I had better JUMP on this, and I could probably KILL IT!”

But to other people it means “OH No! You mean it doesn’t make me rich and famous overnight just after buying it? But I want to be a rich-and-famous, lazy, whiny baby!”

Here’s the deal- VO Genesis outlines what can be a very simple way to make money from home by doing voice over work for companies all over the world from home.

Especially English speakers.

It’s how A LOT of VO artists do their job now.

I have a friend in Florida who does a ton of them- all on her own, and she makes a full-time income from them.

But- just like in acting, the hard part is NOT doing the job-

It’s GETTING the job.

And that’s where the extras in VO Genesis really have value.

The first document, “VO Genesis” is a good primer for someone who wants to get into the industry to make money doing voiceovers. That’s all it’s meant to be. Remember that it’s for REGULAR people, who need an introduction to the industry.

But even most professionals would value a lot of the information in it because of it’s organization, tips, and reminders.

Is it worth $97?

It depends.

If you don’t read it, then no.

If one tiny bit of information in it gives someone enough confidence to go out and become the next Don LaFontaine, then it’s worth millions.

To me, page 11 alone is worth hundreds.

Because I’ve made money doing voiceovers already- from home- and intend to make more.

Here’s another one of mine:


I really like that one

I don’t remember how much I made on it, but it’s something like $300.

And that one I went to a small producer’s studio to record it.

But here’s the thing- the “production studio” was in their HOME.

They had a simple setup, in a NYC apartment near the World Trade center (actually, down the street from “New York Dolls” strip club),

some business cards, 3 computers, and TADA!- they were a production house!

Do you see where I’m going here?

So, when you get into the other reports and modules of VO GENESIS, they get more and more in depth and more advanced to get you started as a PROFESSIONAL who actually makes money.

So, the first offer gets you started- if you’re a novice, then it’s a great intro. If you’re in the industry already, it’s a great reminder. And if you are committed to actually making money, and are willing to look for work online (through the websites they tell you about, and the way they tell you to design your demo), then each module is more and more valuable to you.

But here’s where I’m going with this.

Let’s say you said to yourself “Is it all actually worth it though?”

Here’s how I see it versus how the lazy, whiny baby actors see it.

Here’s another Voice over job I did:

Terrible, right?

I mean- the yelling, the fast-paced jibber-jabber.

I got paid like another $200 for it.

I did it AT HOME.


The client LOVED it.

I had actually done other takes of it that I preferred,

But you know what?


I think it’s kinda weird. Especially the end.

But it was EXACTLY what they wanted.

 -and I got paid THE SAME as when I went to a big studio for a major channel a few years ago.

I keep telling everyone that the INTERNET is going to change EVERYTHING.

But people  who are slow to accept change are skeptical about everything, and miss out. I’ve been telling actors for years to get my No More Waiters book, and learn to make money without a day job like I have for 15 years.

But a lot of them stay skeptical.

And they also stay in their day jobs!

And they eventually get fired, or quit acting, or something else.

All because they want to not spend the $147 for my course.

But I have paid thousands of dollars for many different courses, and have made thousands because of LEARNING.

I paid $100,00 for college, and it got me a crappy day job.

Instead, you can learn to actually make money from specific courses like this one.

So- if you pay $250 for everything VO GENESIS offered (full price), and do a SINGLE $500 job, isn’t it worth it?


But most people don’t think that way.

Because even better than getting your investment back- you get to KEEP THE KNOWLEDGE.

I tell people not to be scared of learning something because it adds to your skill-set, and that can be a better investment then whatever bullsh*t you were going to spend the money on anyway!

I got a lot of emails asking “Is Vo Genesis a Scam”, and I’m sure that you probably typed “VO genesis review” or “VO Genesis scam” into a browser somewhere.

But asking that question kinda means that you don’t understand something already.

How could it be a scam?

It’s a course that teaches you how to find work for voiceovers, and how to get into the industry to do it.

It does not DO THE WORK FOR YOU.

So… what would the scam be?

Maybe you’re just questioning if it’s true or not- “do people do VO GENESIS from home?” “Do people do voice overs from home?”

The answer is YES. They do. So now you know.

Is there work involved? Yes!

If you want to get paid, then there is work involved.

Can you do it?

Well, let me put this plainly- VO GENESIS is helping REGULAR people make money doing it- and those regular people are going to get the work and make the money if you don’t.

So, if you’d like to learn more about doing voiceover work from home, and making a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per gig, then I definitely recommend that you:




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