A Unicorn, A Leprechaun, and a Responsible Gun Owner Walk Into A Bar


A Unicorn, A Leprechaun, and a Responsible Gun Owner Walk Into A Bar…

Th bartender says “Hey, you guys just missed The Easter Bunny!”

This not-very-good joke I thought of suggests that there is no such thing as a responsible gun owner. That’s not an insult to gun owners, it’s just that it’s not really possible. The idea that no accidents happen to “responsible” gun owners just isn’t true, so the idea of a “responsible Gun Owner” is just as much of a fantasy as the other characters.

I’ve been on an “anti-Gun” thing lately, and I don’t really know why.

I think I just hit a breaking point where I realized that it had nothing to do with what was “right” or “Wrong” or “Good” or “Bad”, and more just about whether having guns in our society WORKED to help create the society we want.

They just don’t WORK.

I think it was triggered by Mike Dillard, who I thought of as a role model for business. He has a new podcast, and in one of the episodes, he was very pro-gun, and sounding frankly like a nut job. I normally expect to hear reasonable, critical thought from him, and this sounded totally out of the park.

I assumed it was because he chose to get into the “prepper” niche to sell them stuff, and he was just parroting what they say in those marketing pieces. I caused quite a ruckus in the comments section, and he called me an asshole for presuming he was being a “prepper profiteer”.

1- I LOVE that I created that term “Prepper Profiteer”, and

2- Oh well.

All of the points he made in the podcast were just the opposite of reality. hings like “This is the only time in history when people don’t regularly wear a weapon”… and so he felt that was proof that we should. The obvious answer is that it’s a GOOD thing that we don’t do that- it means PROGRESS… I mean… that’s what we WANT, right? Anyway, whatever.

Guns Guns4

Then there have been a few more “accidents”, as well as killings, and I think it just broke my level of tolerance.

So now, if you’ll notice the last few posts, I have been equating being a “Responsible Gun Owner” with bing a “Responsible Drunk Driver”, and how ridiculous that is (even though nobody understood me), and I have been furious on facebook answering people when I suggested that there is NO SUCH THING as a “responsible gun owner”.


Someone needs to have the marketing savvy that the pro-gun people do, and I’m going to take on that challenge for a bit.

Anyway, I paid someone $21 to make this cartoon for me:

Gun control
A Loaded Question

The big problem is that the Pro-Gun people are backed by the gun industry- of course.

There’s MONEY in marketing fear, and then selling the gun-toting solution

Is there money in PEACE? here is, but it doesn’t make any ONE person rich.

I guess I could explain how to make money by promoting this message, but it’s one that isn’t as obvious, and it’s a little round-about. You can click here is you want to understand a little.

Anyway, so here’s my anti-gun post!

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