Why Some Actors Will Never Work At A Restaurant Again!

“There are two kinds of Actors- Those who bring the check to the table, and those who GET THE CHECK in the mail.”- a quote from the ABC NEWS story here.


Hundreds of Actors in New York and Los Angeles are earning money in other ways aside from waiting tables or bartending, and they have one man to thank for it:

Bones Rodriguez– Author of “No More Waiters: How To Build Your Acting Business Without A Day Job

“I tell people all the time” Rodriguez says, “Once they get the idea that they don’t have to trade their time for money, the pursuit of the acting career is far easier”.

Rodriguez is an actor in New York city, and has been seen in dozens of commercials which have earned him almost $400,000 throughout his career, so he’s no amateur.

He confesses that he hasn’t pursued film and TV like he should, but that all changed recently after going in for a Network Test for an ABC Pilot.

This is my "Business" Smile
This is my “Business” Smile


“I realized that although I was comfortable doing commercials, it was time to expand” he says, “But I also know that there are people who need help getting out of the gate, and that’s who my book is for.”

It’s easy to assume Rodriguez is running some “get rich quick scheme”, but the truth is that he is just teaching a number of ideas, and the myriad of ways an actor can get paid.

One very simple idea is to create “online vending machines” that sell something that someone else makes.

“When I tell people that I help them make money without a day job, they assume I mean some crazy scam, but when I say ‘think of a vending machine’, it becomes clearer.”


He has dozens of great testimonials for his No More Waiters book and courses, and there are several videos on Youtube preaching the gospel.

If you like the idea of not having a day job, so you can pursue an acting career, then look at the testimonials, and allow yourself to be enlightened.



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