5 Steps To Bones Rodriguez Like A Pro!

This might seem silly, but even I have to take these steps to Bones Rodriguez when I just feel like John Rodriguez…

See, most people don’t know that my real name is John Christopher Rodriguez, and whereas I like that guy well enough, I REALLY like Bones Rodriguez.

He’s a fiction.

He’s a character that I play as often as I can.

I CHOOSE to play him.

Bones Rodriguez
Bones Rodriguez

So, when I’m really not feeling the part, I do what every actor does- I remember my motivation, my backstory, and remember exactly WHO he is… in these steps:

1- Bones Rodriguez chooses to have fun.

It doesn’t mean that he tosses away responsibility or sloughs off work- it means that he CHOOSES to have fun doing whatever it is that is being done. The way I become Bones when this is needed is to put a big smile on my face, and see it from the SMILE’s perspective.

2- Bones Rodriguez chooses to make a good story- Since he’s a fiction, and fiction always needs a hero, Bones Rodriguez behaves like the hero in the story: Instead of quietly sitting by while someone is being bullied on the train, Bones Rodriguez chooses to interrupt whatever is happening- with a smile, and a joke… because that’s fun.

3- Bones Rodriguez is courageous- he might be nervous about something, scared about something, but weighs the options and will often choose to do the thing he’s scared of anyway…. With a good story, and a smile.

4- Bones Rodriguez likes people- he realizes that everyone always does what they think is right according to their perspective, and remembers what it feels like when no one understands his perspective. So he consciously and purposely looks from yours. With a smile… because it’s fun to see life from someone else’s perspective!

5- Bones Rodriguez is aware that he is a fiction… so it’s difficult to take himself too seriously.

I tell people all the time that I am just playing a character, and I get these traits by listening to self-help audios and reading personal development books a lot.

That’s why I have a subscription to The Inner Circle audio library. I have learned a ton, continue to, and I highly recommend that other people do also.


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