2 Year-Old Autistic Boy Reminds Everyone To Love Actresses

This little guy is autistic and doesn’t smile at people other than his parents.

But then he met a hard-working, dedicated actress who routinely makes dreams come true… well, you’ll see:

Let this video remind you that not all actors are selfish, star-seeking, wanna-be hollywood celebrities trying to increase their IMDB ratings or “get discovered”.

Some of us like this Snow White actress may never be on any hit show or win any Oscars, but for this little boy and his forever-grateful parents…

She is a MIRACLE. 

Since I learned to make money online, quit my day job and become a full-time actor, I have done something like five-hundred improv shows for kids.

I wish I did more.

I once did a gig like this at Great Adventure many years ago, playing a sort of zombie-fied Austin Powers knock-off (I told you, it was a while ago) named “Willie Killegan”.

We did an improv show a few times a day, and then went back to our green room. Silly job, didn’t pay well, but I got to meet Andrew.

Andrew was a kid in a pretty elaborate wheelchair with all sorts of tubes all over it. He couldn’t speak, was drooling all over his food-stained shirt, and I could tell his parents were just… tired.

They had brought his sister to the park, along with a few of her friends, and I could tell they were having a hard time… for years.

For one reason or another, the boy got wildly excited when I came near him, shaking his arms and mumbling something over and over.

I could tell that his parents were worried he was going to scare me or something (a reaction that they probably got a lot), but there was a sign in the green room by the door where we took our breaks.

It said: “Remember that this may be someone’s favorite day of their life”

I try to remember that outside of the park too.

“Hey baby, ya lookin’ like the cat’s meowwww!” I said in my best Austin Powers knock-off impression.

He shook and buckled with laughter, mumbling over and over, and his parents translated what he said:

“Best friend, Best friend”

Well, I went in for a hug, and I could see that his parents motioned to stop me, but it was too late.

I gave him a big hug, and he drooled all over me, screaming and laughing so loud that it hurt my ears, and he gave me a little accidental head-butt.

“Remember Willie loves ya, baby!” I said, choking up.

His parents thanked me apologetically, and I left, walked back to the green room with tears in my eyes.

I discovered something about myself as a performer that day.

And it is so much better than trying to get someone else to discover me.

Remember that some of us are working, but for an entirely different reason than why you work.

The Snow White from the video above is even able to engage other kids as this little boy falls in love with her, and I bet this is a DAILY occurrence for her and the rest of the characters there. You can read the whole story HERE

So, to everyone of my fellow actors who have created a day like that for a kid and their parents- THANK YOU!

And if YOU’D like to thank them too- PASS THIS ON:

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